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midsummer at 004

Midsummer has arrived in her usual blaze of triumphant colour.

The longest day is here!

midsummer at 010

I have celebrated eleven Midsummers at Bealtaine Cottage and watched as the vibrancy of life has taken hold, year after year multiplying in abundance and vitality.

Not even I knew how it was to be!

midsummer at 013

This morning, as the sun rose in the East I ventured into the gardens to greet the day that rose above the trees.

It was truly magical to see and be a part of!

Walking down the driveway to the road below the gardens, it seemed that every small part of this once barren land was singing!

midsummer at 025

A once close held vision of an abundant and unbridled Mother Earth, has come to pass…

She breathes,

She sings,

She is allowed to be…

midsummer at 035

My joy is to share it with you…

that all this is possible…

for if it can manifest here in this once poor little place, then it is possible for all the Earth!

midsummer at 039

Almost one million views will have been registered here at

It is my wish that this message of renewal and resilience continues to spread across the world.

midsummer at 047

We are at a point in human history when all seems to be infested with despair.

It does not have to be this way.

midsummer at 048

It is our choice.

We choose death or we choose life.

midsummer at 067

We all know, intuitively, what is causing the cancer of despair.

The remedy is to be found around us, if we but open our eyes, unshackle our hearts and begin our work as healers, shamans, nurturers, carers, even warriors…for Mother Earth.

midsummer at 085

It cost me little but time and work to release Eden here at Bealtaine Cottage.

midsummer at 087

We can stand at the crossroads today, on this longest of days, and peer into our future.

Bealtaine Cottage before and after

It doesn’t have to be like this, as once Bealtaine Cottage was…

midsummer at 091

Choose to be part of manifesting Eden…it’s in every choice we make!

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  1. Congratulations Colette for achieving such abundance and for sharing it so generously. I notice that the hedgerows around here are dressed up in yellow, white, red and green and that those colours are literally shining out. Thanks for the inspiration. Slowly, slowly – especially at this time of year, even though we are about a month behind you because of wind – but slowly I can see the reclaiming of land and sense the happy peacefulness of trees growing. Love and blessings to you and yours – Terri and Lol xxx

    • It’s so good to read this…”the reclaiming of land”…without the work of people like yourself and Lol, the landscape would look bereft…beautiful, but sad!
      Blessings to you both XXX

  2. It is so good to see the transformation of your land Colette, it shows what we and in fact everyone can do to let nature abound everywhere. Hope you had a great day, I live in angus and it has never stopped raining all day which is a shame as I so wanted to get out into the garden, but the rain is too hard, my poor chucks look so bedraggled but they will not go back into coop until the very last minute. Happy gardening

  3. we are slowly turning our small back garden to permaculture and love to see your pictures of what you have done colette but not only that you are showing us that there is a way to come together and save our beautiful earth from death and destruction in any small form. Today espcially as we come together on the magical midsummer we are slowly but surely saying enough is enough we must fight to save gaia and all her wonderful animals.Thank you colette for being such a wonderful woman and showing us the way forward. this world needs secret heros, be brave,speak the truth,heal the sick,make peace.Be strong,serve patiently,love generously,live simply.
    love and light on this wonderful day.
    gail and brian x

  4. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Happy Summer Solstice to you, Colette, and to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! Today we’ll be honoring the rejuvenating Land and Nature Spirits in Goshen with a garden tour, a feast featuring fresh garden produce, and a Faeries Workshop! May all beings live in love and harmony again upon our Mother Earth.

    Colette is right: “all this is possible…for if it can manifest here in this once poor little place, then it is possible for all the Earth!” Blessed Be and be the blessing… <3

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