1. Love your kitchen and these words. Imagine when the West (Western Europe), came to colonize the rest of the world. In every area there were Aboriginal tribes (Hunter Gatherers), who for many generations, were brought up on some basic rules of Nature. They were pre the invention of rules. Rather they had common sense and an appreciation of their gods – the all being forces of Nature (eg. Laws of the god of Thunder.) There are (or were) hundreds of Aboriginal Tribes in China, Japan, Philippines, South America, everywhere – even at the Poles. Nature enforces – Take whatever you need, but no more. Respect all Life. Common for some to praise the animal that they just killed, to provide them food. But the more advanced Civilizations have become greedy – If I like the taste of apple, then 100 people will like apple. Now that I know how to store food (initially Grain in clay pots), I can become more wealthy by getting (by fair means or foul) 200 apples (because each person will want 2). Now, as my market expands (Nationalization and then Globalization), I can become even wealthier.
    And since my ‘world’ has gone way beyond my Clan – the 50 or so people in the Hunter Gatherer tribes, who all knew each other intimately, who hunt and ate and slept together for safety. Now that my market is bigger, and I am no longer ‘known’, so I do not need to respect any restrictions (when dealing with others / foreigners). So it is ok to use up all the trees, kill all the Bison, stuff up Nature, as long as I cannot be blamed (arse covered),
    Finally, the world is getting smaller again – I in Australia, know how your garden grows in Ireland, and I have an opinion on how good/bad a person you are in my world.
    Bureaucracy, Specialization & Large Scale Production were short term methods we choose to grow wealth and knowledge. Now we are capable of smarter ways to build system that are self-sustaining and fit within Nature, instead of trying to best it. We hope there are enough now to make the Critical Mass to affect Change.

    • Yes Allan, certainly looking back upon our so-called evolution, it appears we hit a quagmire of perception some thousands of years ago and have been stuck there…now we have the ability to conclude as you have done and from that, find a way forward. I can see a break in the clouds!
      Blessings XXX

  2. Your top picture is a similar view i can see from my property here in Aus. I just have to work on the foreground view on my property to enjoy the same view you have created at your stunning and healing property. I look forward to coming home from work each night to see what you have uploaded for all of us to see. Thank you so much for sharing your Utopia… it is a highlight for me and gives me the inspiration to go out and do the same as you. Thank you

      • The blessings are felt by me as i am lucky to have found your page. I live quite near David Holmgren co founder of Permaculture and have visited and toured his property. It is so encouraging to see his teachings and writings have reached as far as Ireland. Your property reminds me of his so much. It really is all working with mother nature, caring and healing our planet. The biggest lesson I have learned from both your writings and Davids is that we really really really need to look after mother nature and only take from her what we need to sustain ourselves everything else should be left to her to manage. This is a relative new understanding of Permaculture and Mother Nature for me.. Thank you again… Cheers Jill Luke

  3. I try to do my best on the plot of Earth that I have been blessed with. I hope many others do the same.

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