Why Save Seed?


All seed-saving at Bealtaine Cottage helps to preserve heirloom seeds’ genetic diversity!

This is Bealtaine Cottage Lunaria.

dsc07184This seed has adapted over twelve years to grow in difficult conditions, for as you know, it rains frequently here and the gardens are all on a north-facing slope.

harvesting seed at Bealtaine CottageThis is why the seed saved here, year after year, is more resilient than commercial seed, which is grown in ideal conditions for the maximum production value!

Foxglove seed Saving seed also makes one value the pollinators, especially the Bees…for without their incredible work there would not be any seed to collect! 

Lunaria seeds drying on the veranda of the LodgeDuring the 1900’s we experienced a startling drop in the number of heirloom varieties—because gardeners stopped saving and trading their own seeds.

Bealtaine Cottage SeedsHere at Bealtaine Cottage I have developed a seed bank over twelve years, adding more and more seed year on year, as the biodiversity increased similarly throughout the gardens. 

growing seeds at BealtaineWhen we rely on commercial seed companies, any seeds that sell slowly simply get dropped from production and disappear.

seedlings in tunnel at Bealtaine CottageIf you would like to support this vital work of seed-saving and building resilience for the future, consider purchasing some seed from Bealtaine Cottage…

Click on the link below to see what’s available so far… (I’m adding continually as more becomes ready to pack!) 



  1. Hi Collette

    Have tried to order 16 euros worth of your seeds but the donation pages will not let me get past PayPal when I try to pay by card. It’s a nuisance. I have a defunct PayPal account from yesteryear (never remember my password) and I don’t want to revive it. Is there no other way to pay you without interference from PayPal?

    I live in France and wanted some of your Russian kale, yellow poppy, celery, catnip, calendula, bronze fennel, Jacobs ladder and coriander.

    Best regards

    Steffi Sent from my iPad


  2. Wonderful Colette! This is something I need to take more seriously. Our growing season leans more toward hot, humid, and feast or famine with regard to rain. There is a butternut squash that comes up each year as a volunteer. It is absolutely delightful and thrives here. Yes Colette, this is something I need to take more seriously. I’m glad our earth has people such as yourself upon it.

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