Times of Insanity…Seeking Reality

I rarely dip into the outside world in terms of mainstream media, for it unnerves me!

dsc04158I keep myself occupied in the world as I know it…the one where I weave wreathes from Willow and Dogwood…

dsc04159The one where cruelty and chaos are not allowed entry!

dsc04187You’ll understand my terror, for that’s why you’re here…to touch base with reality!

dsc04186Yes, this is reality…as it was meant to be and in the world most inhabit, is not!

dsc04185I have always chosen this reality, both as a child living in poverty and as a mother creating sanctuary for her children in London.

dsc04184I have always sought out Mother Earth, wherever she was hidden from view by retail parks and shopping centres, housing estates and suburbia.

dsc04183I chose this reality.

dsc04181I planted it, brought it forward, share it and allow it’s force to move out in waves of healing and peace.

dsc04180We all choose our own realities and what we allow carelessly in or strive to keep out!

dsc04179The Lughnasadh Garden is another reality being birthed at Bealtaine.

dsc04178Just as wanton destruction is being justified all over this Sacred Earth, the need for creation is more necessary than ever in the history of what we laughingly refer to as “civilisation!”

dsc04178 And, if you are brain-washed enough to think for a minute that politicians will lift us all up to a better life, then you should really seek your inspiration with them… and not here at this little portal!

dsc04177 Regardless of party/gender/colour or creed, politicians take us to war and care nothing for the protection of Mother Earth…and that in my view is unforgivable!

Today I am feeling angry with what I saw as I looked at the world through the poisonous media.

Even Social Media is being taken over by hate and vitriol!

dsc04171As I approach my birthday and my 61st year, I am becoming convinced more and more of the need to keep one’s head down and continue to nurture and care for Mother Earth.

dsc04170It’s all I care to do, for there is much destruction and violence all around that has reached a point of insanity!

dsc04169I don’t know where to go from here, except to keep doing as I do and keep this website going…where, I do not know! 


(Thank you Alana!)



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  1. I don’t watch the news, read papers and I avoid political or hateful social media….. I find it all too negative and also I don’t know what the truth is as all of these means of communication have someone elses slant or political leaning. I keep myself to my own little world which some have at times criticised me of, however I do believe if we all look after our own little worlds in a positive,and compassionate way then the whole world will become a better place….. that I am 100% sure of! Keep on with what you are doing Colette and don’t let them get you down. xx

  2. In the quiet and serenity of love let us plant forth our healing gardens and restore sanity to a stressed and lost humanity trying to cope with a confused and chaotic world.

  3. Only a clear mind can see the insanity of this humanity. Nature gives peaceful of mind, hapiness, well being, so Nature is my Goddess. I don’t care about politicians, they are all lyers, they only care for them selves. You are a strong woman, with good energy seen in your beautiful garden, house, and love for animals. All of us need your work. Go on please. Maria.

  4. with every lovely post,
    you send out ripples of peace, calm, wisdom ,hope and inspiration. And we, who receive them and are calmed and inspired and taught can create our own ripples and send them out, and so on ..You may never know how many lives you will touch through your words and work. Thank you.

  5. tomorrow i have to go into a small city for a few hours and meet a friend – we are planning a 200 mile trek next year – i am not good in amongst the milling masses and less so observing their consuming ways – before my long walk to the rail station i will feed and observe the birds and spend time in the polytunnel and vegetable beds just looking at the slow down as we go into winter – on my return home i will take Molly for a long walk through a wooded hillside quarry – i need to be in my rightful habitat every day thankyou

  6. I agree with all you say in this post Colette. I have distanced myself from as many negative people and situations as I can recently and I feel so much better. Thank you for sharing so much of beautiful Bealtaine Cottage with us x

  7. I love your sanctuary of sanity Colette. I feel like I can breathe when I read your words. The world has gone mad and I don’t know where we go from here. It is a sad time for the human race xxx

  8. Hi Colette, another piece of reality from county Leitrim. Yesterday, Carrick farmers’ market, Charity shop in the Market Yard, a basket, books for 50 cents. “Adunni – A Portrait of Susanne Wenger” by R. Brockmann and G. Hotter. Paperback, 80 pages, interview with one more extraordinary woman, and this quote on the back cover is what made me buy the book, and I could not but think of you: “Here I am, one with the water: I think and feel like the river, to the rythm of its waves, otherwise the trees and the animals wouldn’t be such allies. I am here IN the trees, IN the river, IN my creative phase not only when I am here physically, but forever – even when I happen to be travelling – hidden beyond time and suffering, IN the Spiritual Entities which, because they are Real in many ways, present ever new features. I feel sheltered with them – IN them – because I am so very fond of trees and running water – and all the gods of the world are trees and animals long, long before they entrust their sacrosant magnificience to a human figure.” Why would one need to get rid of such a book? Or, was it the book, that ran away from an inhospitable shelf to find a loving home? Or was it because a loving heart wanted to share something real with anonymous buyers? Questions for the Gods, the Trees and the Waters! Kitia

  9. In a way perhaps the vitriol is positive because it is an indicator of people’s unhappiness with themselves, with the world, and it is unhappiness that fuels change. We each create our own portal on the world. You, Collette, are creating an especially beautiful portal that nourishes and inspires many and strengthens them in the choices they make.

  10. Emphatically agree! Please don’t close our portal to you and Bealtaine Cottage. It’s where most of us feel at home. Thank you so much for sharing Bealtaine with us on a daily basis. I, for one, would be lost without being able to look through the portal each day! Keep up the wonderful work you do!! Blessings on you this beautiful day!

  11. I dream when I come here, and my dreams are beautiful and lovely. I wish just for a moment I could escape this place where I am living. I know my day will come where I will have my sanctuary where I can become one with Mother Earth. For now I am living in this concrete town until I can find the proper land to make my dreams come true. I’ve told my partner in love many, many times that all I want to do is disappear into a world where I am growing my own food and not having to conform to the socialistic policies of this president or that leader or they stupid rules and laws that don’t help anyone anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to take my healthcare into my own hands through proper food and diet and only eating organic foods (vegan) and the only way I can do that is to grow it myself. So prayers would be appreciated that we find out place in Mother Earth soon!!!

  12. So true Colette. You are providing a sanctuary of sanity for so many. Including Beauty who I see has made herself at home. Lots if love, Cathy

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