The Month of Lughnasa 004

Lughnasa heralds the beginning of Autumn in the Celtic calendar.

Leaves have already begun to drop, with the gentle Birch tree being the first to shed. 005

There is so much fertility in this annual drop…Bealtaine now boasts reasonable soil, compared to ten years ago! 002

The change is equally gentle this year, as the summer gradually fades. 

Sedums are developing their flower heads, slow to open, with big, flat, pink flowers coming through. 006

Pockets of light mist occur in the early evening, shrouding valleys and dips. 003

Lughnasa is my favourite month as the transition into Autumn begins.

Tonight a full moon will rise.

The air is still. Woodsmoke drifts lazily from the old stone chimney and bats begin to venture out. 007

I am half-sick of the daily news and the threat of war.

I have started knitting again, as a form of relaxing therapy and a choice to be constructive in the face of impending destruction!

Just handling the pure wool and staring at the colours and textures is both a comfort and a delight! 008

As we enter Autumn we are ready for change.

As we are driven into unstable times, so we need to prepare too.

Creating is important.

It keeps us grounded and optimistic. 009

The seasons continue, undisturbed by the vagaries of man. 012

And so shall I!





  1. I feel like it was just yesterday that you were writing about spring while we here in Canada were still buried under the snow. Where did the time go!? Your message here is perfect timing for me; as I think about returning to work, I must remember to make time for creative pursuits (writing). I look forward to watching Bealtine sink cozily into fall.

  2. I just love your pics. It’s still very hot summer in Florida but your pics console me, they remind of what’s coming soon. 🙂

  3. Beautiful…thank you. Our love and dedication is what feeds the hope of our planets’s future. We must never give up and continue our work. Blessings of Light X

  4. Tragic how we as a species assume we are the center of everything and that time stops for us, but beautiful and reassuring to see the earth continues on and the wheel of the year keeps turning, through war and peace. Blessings from Miami, Colette!

  5. I SO agree with you about the therapeutic effects of creating…especially knitting or crochet…the gentle, repetitive, soothing motions of stitch after stitch is hypnotic… meditative… relaxing…far more beneficial than taking pills, and, with each stitch, something beautiful is growing, from your own hands and heart…for the future.

  6. The coming of fall has always been my favorite time of year. I have good news to share Colette! My husband is supporting my desire to stay home this school year and begin building permaculture into our tiny suburban lot. I’m so excited!!

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