The Month of Lughnasa

Lughnasa heralds the beginning of Autumn in the Celtic calendar. Leaves have already begun to drop, with the gentle Birch tree being the first to shed. There is so much fertility in this annual drop…Bealtaine now boasts reasonable soil, compared to ten years ago! The change is equally gentle this year, as the summer gradually […]


Game of Thrones

Western skies move slowly, as clouds bank up from the Atlantic Ocean. Warm air merges with rain sodden earth and the mist rises, wisping it’s way over mountains, that sweep down to bog and lough on the western shores of Europe. Ireland moves inexorably towards Midsummer and Solstice. The settlements dotting the landscape are timeless, […]


Resistance is Edible

The austerity that is being enforced upon us all makes me very angry indeed…for I know how manufactured it all is! As an act of rebellion against the banks, government and rotten corporations I have turned to the land, one of the last vestiges of freedom that we, as a people, have. Creating food, from […]