Ireland and Sacred Earth. Bealtaine Permaculture at the Cottage

I live in Ireland, but then you know that if you’ve been to Bealtaine before.

I live in a very beautiful part of Ireland…and you are probably aware of that too.

I consider the land sacred.

It is our umbilical cord.

It feeds and nourishes us all.

There is a sacredness in the Earth and many are just awakening to this new consciousness.

I came to Bealtaine nine years ago and my journey here has awakened me.

The greatest work we can do is to protect the sacred Earth…that’s it for me, simple as!

I did not expect what was to happen next…

Big Business coming into my beautiful North West of Ireland to exploit the Gas Reserves that lie beneath this sacred land…and, Bealtaine!


94 BILLION DOLLARS worth of it!

And the dreaded technology that is still in its awful infancy…FRACKING!

Banned in France.

No understood outcomes…so new…since 2002, so we wait for the accumulation of information and that may be too late for our sacred Earth…What have we unleashed from Pandora’s Box?

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  1. They can FRACK OFF!! They have already started in Lancanshire where there have been 2 earthquakes since they started raping the Earth there. Work now suspended. Hopefully the Irish Government will now have a rethink, well at least an environmental impact study would be desirable.Of course this is all being pushed on by the World Bank, IMF and their globalisation cronies. We shall give them a good fight!!
    100% Bridget…had a meeting with party members last night…everyone to adopt stance! Good woman, more power to ya!

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