Be The Change!

Garden shed at Bealtaine CottageI was listening to a radio show host, Roy of Hollywood on PRNfm radio from New York, tell a caller that change begins with government policy and one person on their own can do little to make a difference…paraphrased, but the essence is true to form.

bealtaine Cottage gardenThis philosophy is way off mark, for the reality is very, very different.

Bealtaine Cottage GardenEvery action we take, everything we buy, consume or share, is part of the reality WE make, every minute, every hour, every day…

permaculture gardensI oppose fracking and therefore refuse to use gas…

I also refuse to call it ‘natural!’

There is nothing natural about fracking!

cottage gardenI support organic growing methods, so use what little money I have to buy organic, and, for the rest, I ensure that I grow organic.

HypericumI could make of list of the actions I take, as one person, to ensure the outcome that I consider to be best for the environment in which I live and the planet we all inhabit, but the real point I want to make is that real power rests with each one of us!

Cable table displayThis is the single, most important truth, we are denied access to, by media, government, corporations and those who we allow to tell us what to do and how to live!

Bees at Bealtaine CottageThe philosophy is simple and determined.

Be the change you want to see.

Flower display in Bealtaine CottageBe the Change.

From here on in…


  1. So true! And such beautiful photographs of the wonderful world you have made to surround yourself. Very inspiring.

  2. I think we SHOULD all be the change we want to be — every action we perform sets an example for our children, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, etc. Every time you do something good for the Earth whether its organic gardening, cleaning up trash, keeping chickens/bees/goats, driving less, consuming less, you are not just making an impact on Mother Earth but on the people around you. People are curious and like to ask questions. I can’t think of how many times my door bell has rung asking me about my three hens. I let the hens out to free range in the afternoon and they wander around in my yard eating ticks and other pests. So many people have told me that they plan to garden more and keep hens in the future. So whether it be social, economic or political, we ARE the change!

  3. A true statement indeed. We do what we can – even if we are “human” enough not to do everything we possibly could. So – I’ve not had 3 or more children (not had any in my case – as I didn’t want any) and have “done my bit” for over-population then. I gave up flying some years back. I buy everything possible organic and, of course, eggs have been free-range for some time now and I garden organically. So I may not be doing everything I can (I admit I’m not quite sure on the giving up gas front – and couldn’t in my more urban situation anyway) – but I do what I can.

    • I’m with you there Ceridwen…that famous supermarket chain paid a lot of money for that slogan; “Every Little Helps”…and doing what we can for Mother Earth allows us to feel part of her, not alienated from her!

  4. I see that the Catholic bishops are saying that the Irish are Pagans, having bought into the evils of materialism and consumerism. They obviously have no idea what a Pagan is.

  5. Very well said. I continue to learn and do. Thank you for being a voice of afirmation and teaching.

    • I used to, but found one report to be very misogynistic to say the least. That turned me off. Also, he had a very dismissive attitude towards Snowden and previously, Assange.

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