G8 Summit of Charlatans

wheelbarrow at bealtaine cottageWhat is happening in our societies is not about austerity.

It is not about the economy either.

permaculture gardens at bealtaine cottageIt is about the blatant, criminal misuse and misappropriation of our taxes.

Was any government you ever voted for, mandated to give our tax money to banks?

By the barn at Bealtaine cottageWas that the platform that the trustees we elected, in trust, to hold in trust, our state, voted into office?

bealtaine Cottage Permaculture gardensThe media keeps talking about our “Economy”, as though it were our lack of work  or effort that caused any of these problems.

We are told continually that the past is the past, what’s done is done and to move on!

We are told that we need to get the economy moving by spending!

Valerian at Bealtaine CottageI do not want to buy stuff.

I want an equitable society where all are cared for.

June 15 2013 at Bealtaine CottageRecently, here in Ireland, our government at the behest of the EU, inflicted a “carbon tax” upon us in the form of 75 cents rise on a bag of coal.

But here’s the catch…it is the poorest people who are reduced to buying coal to keep warm…and usually the oldest and most vulnerable in our society.

Field Maple tree at Bealtaine CottageWhere is this tax going?

Well, Ireland has the lowest tree cover in Europe and it is not being re-invested into the planting of deciduous trees.

Trees at Bealtaine CottageMost of this money will be traded for Carbon Tax credits…total madness!

We need trees here in Ireland!

Copper Beech at Bealtaine CottageI am currently sitting in a G8 Exclusion Zone.

They will be converging just up the road from me, in the next few days, to start the carve-up of what is left in societies.

A canopy of Beech,Birch, Ash and Field Maple today at Bealtaine CottageThe forces that be have recently been out on the roads around the G8 Summit Hotel, removing anti-fracking signs…leaders must not be subjected to any kind of opposition to their distorted world views!

Pollarded Sycamore at Bealtaine Cottage I can tell you what they WILL NOT be talking about…

bird bath in pollarded Sycamore at Bealtaine CottagePlanting trees!

Broccoli and Campion at Bealtaine CottageHow we expand education for all!

Ox-eye daisies in bloom today at Bealtaine CottageWays of supporting the Carers in society!

Creating a more just and equitable society.

Bealtaine Cottage todayPutting programmes in place to encourage people to grow organic food.

Roses at the back of Bealtaine Cottage todayNationalising water and all major utilities to ensure front-line democracy for all citizens!

Missy today in the sun at Bealtaine CottageSocial unrest is being driven by corporate greed and the resulting societal chaos compounded by unemployment, mental trauma, & poverty!

Missy todayWill the G8 address any of these real issues?

I’m not holding my breath!

Roses today at Bealtaine CottageThere’s some real work to be done here at Bealtaine Cottage…trees to plant, food to grow and Nature to engage with…with the occasional cup of tea brewed up on the rocket stove!

Bealtaine Cottage is also on YouTube…with over 100 videos about Permaculture, planting, growing and living.

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  1. Great blog Colette, it disgusts me how our Government sucks up to Global Corporations giving them tax breaks selling our resources for a pittance, meanwhile we have no rights to protect our environment from their ravages. Our Government is run by the banks and they are nothing more than bunch of lacky Gombeens. This G8 business is a elitist club that should have no place in the modern world. The fact that they are holding in Ireland is seen by many Irish, North and South as progress, I consider it an insult to the indigenous people, the natives weren’t asked and are not invited. The Celtic peoples have been used and abused for too long and we should work set up links between our ancient countries. We need people with vision like yourself to inspire people that there is a different way to do things.

    • And indeed there are many ways of living a better life. The first step is to claim sovereignty over one’s own life and stop apologising for being different…for difference is real biodiversity…we are, each one of us, a heritage seed, unique and Divine. THAT is what the elite don’t want us to wake up to!

  2. I am not computer literati. Yet I would love to see a blog for us here that informed us on taking care of the land. Here in wisconsin we are fighting for our ground water not to be sold to the corporations. Worked seven hours this day in the raspberries picking up by hand the silver mabel seeds. My neighbors think I should cut the 160 year old tree down because of the mess. Yet my daughter and I will not the time spent on the ground is a wonderful getting close to the Earth.

    • There are times when I could weep just looking up at an ancient tree and gazing at the sheer beauty of Nature. If that tree could tell stories of the times it has witnessed…oh, what tales to be told!

  3. Well said as usual Colette and let them play their games we will all just carry on as usual, planting seeds, growing food, enjoying Nature and our cups of tea! Thanks so much for including me in your You Tube posting – I feel almost famous! x

  4. Thank you Colette for saying what a lot of us feel. Our president has just announced help for another country. I am sorry I voted for him of course the other would have been worse.. We cannot help the people in this country so many homeless without jobs loosing their homes and farms.. How can we help someone else! The government in this country is greedy and doesn’t care about its people it just wants to look like the helper and mighty one.. Those days are gone.. I feel my voice is not heard. We are all working in our small way to come to a good outcome. Your sign still stands, more power to you and the people. I stand with the people of Ireland..

    • Where good people continue to live their lives in positive and compassionate ways, hope for the future is well placed. All we need to do is keep doing what we do! By doing so we are implementing change for the better and guiding the young into a better future. When we need to be, we are mighty!

  5. They took your no Fracking sign?! From your own property? So much for free speech if they did. I hope you made another one. God forbid that people’s opinions be expressed. It is very discouraging at times. The greed is a sickness that permeates all decisions. So sad. I think working in your gardens is good. It always makes me feel better. Take good care, Patti

    • They wouldn’t dare touch any signs on private property…we Irish are very territorial! All the signs that people had put up on poles along the roadside were removed! We soldier on, undefeated and with more resolve and determination to create a better world…we women are good at that!

  6. Would you believe that fracking is about to take place here in West Sussex and no more than a couple of miles from me. One of the local landowners has made a deal with the evil ones to rend the earth apart with their vile chemicals. The village has rallied of course to try and stop them, but as you say, big business is having it’s way these days. What with that and the ghastly Owen Patterson, my god is that man thick!! It’s not easy to be cheerful. Never the less the seeds are all doing well and the runner beans planted. This year I am making a concerted effort to do more foraging. Last year I picked Haws to make jelly for the first time. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be up to much, It was more of a thick syrup than a jelly, but the flavour is superb, well worth doing. There was a handful of sloes in there as well.

    • The landowner will regret his greed!
      Your response is empowering…we must never give way, but forge ahead in doing all we can to empower ourselves and protect Mother Nature!
      Foraging is just super…and fun!

  7. Love your commentary however corporations internationally now seem to be in charge — regardless of who we vote for. What you are proposing sounds like common sense to any decent human being but here in America, your words would be scorned as “Socialism”. Since when is caring about your fellow human beings a bad thing I wonder? Or caring for the Earth for that matter? Our only surprise this week has been the US Supreme Court unanimously deciding that human genes cannot be patented.

    • A victory indeed! I read about that! Christians seem to forget that Christ invented Socialism…sharing, lack of worldly goods, caring and sacrificing for others and the good of humanity! We each have a very short time on this lovely planet and can take nothing with us…time to care for all humanity!

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