Growing Food in Cottage Gardens

Roses at bealtaine cottageIt’s a perfect day for being in the garden, with just the right amount of sun and shade as the voluminous clouds drift overhead, sun shines full in between and there’s just a promise of rain!

roses on verandaThe roses on the veranda are hanging so low that one has to limbo-dance under them to get in and out of the cottage.

roses at bealtaine cottageIn doing this manoeuvre, one gets smothered in the most heavenly scent.

weed suppressing with cardboardMy friend, Terri brought lots of cardboard and seaweed from Connemara and I laid the cardboard down in the new orchard yesterday.

dealing with slugs, the seaweed methodThe seaweed is being spread on the Potager beds much to the disdain of the slugs…but they will move out, deeper into the gardens, where their voracious appetites will be welcomed!

bees and peas at bealtaine cottagePeas are podding…these are an Irish heritage variety and seeds will be saved!

Peas and Bees at Bealtaine CottageThe bees work hard here at Bealtaine Cottage to make sure I have harvests of abundance every year!

Young Kale in the Potager Beds at Bealtaine CottageKale and Broccoli are thriving in between herbs and flowers.

Potager bed at Bealtaine CottageGarlic stands ready to be harvested.

Young Pumpkins at Bealtaine CottageOnions are thriving and Pumpkins are finally rooting in and beginning to grow.

Roses at Bealtaine CottageCara, who now has Gloria, is delighted to report that the aforementioned hen adores slugs and eats 20-30 daily. (8)

Raspberries are coming into fruit.

Sweet Joe Pye at Bealtaine CottageSweet Joe Pye…food for the eye…soon to be in flower! permaculture (17)

Salads are continually harvested from the tunnel…mixed with much herbs and very tasty! (9)

Blackcurrants ripen towards a promise of Cordial, Wine, Jam and Chutney. 006

Mother Earth knows no austerity!


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  1. My perennials are just beginning to peek out from below the soil, at least some of them. Thanks for the encouraging photos!

  2. Just beautiful, Colette. And I’m hoping my new Ribes plant will be as lovely as yours – we’re borderline climate in this part of New Zealand and it hasn’t enjoyed our long drought very much but I just had to give it a go for the bees next spring! xx

  3. The first photo in this installment may be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. What a wondrous cottage. Just magic, Colette…

  4. I love your garden, Put down a lot of cardboard in my yard but have not heard of seaweed being used. I probably can’t get access to it but it sounds like a good idea. I’m so far behind. Still planting ground cover to choke out weeds. And burying my greens from the kitchen to break down the soil. It’s just a mountain of clay. Raised beds may get built in another couple of weeks. Almost in time for next years garden.:(

  5. Your roses look wonderful. I would be very tempted to try making some rose petal jam. I have never had that amount of rose heads, but I am going to try growing them using tyres. You have really inspired me.

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