Earth Sense

veranda at bealtaine cottageThankfully it rained for most of the night!

Not a lot of people would be happy to report that, but as a grower, the dry heat of recent weeks has been a close call for the younger plants!

potager beds at bealtaine cottage after the rainThe water barrels have filled and the well is finally sending more than a trickle to the cottage!

More peas and beans were planted out yesterday, so this rain will bed them in nicely!

potager beds and peach trees at bealtaine cottageIf it was possible to bottle the Earth Scents outside in the gardens, then I’d be a millionaire and could buy lots more land to plant trees on!

Rosa Rugosa and copper beechThere is another Earth Sense though…one we all need to tune into…one that ensures a sense of well-being.

permaculture gardens of bealtaine cottageA sense of belonging to the environment around us.

permaculture gardens and Sammy on the roofLiving in a small cottage ensures much time spend outdoors during the day, something that was common place for many people until fairly recent times.

permaculture gardens of bealtaine cottageThe advent of TV ensured more and more people lived indoors and not out.

Poppy at bealtaine cottageI recall as a child spending much of the day outdoors, as there just wasn’t room in the house to play!

after the rainWalking outdoors can add to a sense of well-being, even in the rain.

columbine The healing aspects of Nature are being continually distilled into medication by the pharmaceutical corporations, yet remains inherent all around us.

Sammy Bear and meNature massages the soul!

angel at bealtaine cottageBeing outside with plants, trees, wildlife, Nature, animals and birdsong, is unbeatably good for ones’ mental health!

angel at bealtaine cottageNature is real and alive, strong but gentle and always there for us despite the abuse we fling at her.

bealtaine cottage permaculture gardensIt is something that cannot be put into a pill and certainly not for sale in a bottle!

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  1. I work every day, doing things by hand my neighbors buy things to do for them. Some tmes I get too focused on just the task yet just moving stirs a cent. Diging thistle out of the roses I brushed the tyme. Then I am back in spirit with the whole. Loved the pic with feet and cat.

  2. Such wise words Colette. Funnily I was just having a conversation about this with Bill. And
    then I read your blog. Great minds…I do worry that children are not connected with Nature anymore. Like you, I spent most of my childhood outside. And I was lucky that I had woods to play in. Spend an afternoon sitting in a tree, feeling the breeze, smelling the branches, the leaves…it feeds the soul. I have always loved trees. It is encouraging that more and more people are turning back to Nature and the Earth. It is the best medicine. Take good care, Patti

  3. You will know of the scent infuses that you now plug into a socket. Well, enough said. You will know as well everyone works in an office. My eldest goes to work at his office, a field where he grows his furniture. I never had an office, never wanted one. And I dislike the assumption that most of us do. The closest some get to the outdoors is a half dying plant on their desk or a photo of some wilderness. No wonder many are leaving said office for grafting out in the country.

  4. Beautiful images….wise advice.
    Loved the recent video of dog and cat out walking….absolutely charming!

  5. Colette,
    You are so right, the scents of the earth, rain flowers and veggies are so magical. Today so many people have to work one or more jobs just to survive and its true that TV and now the computer has taken over so many lives. I do see a change going on. When traveling to the last show I saw more small orchards being put in, more gardens, people are changing and moving towards self sufficiency. The word is getting out.
    I am glad that you got the needed rain, I hope it will stop here, we have had too with more to come. Flooding is happening. Weather problems all across the country, and people still believe that there is no global warming. Oh my.
    Cheers to you, the package is on its way finally.

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