An Angel at Sunset

Sunday morning at Bealtaine Cottage

Sun and rain has enabled wonderful growth.

Rocket stove in action The rocket stove has allowed me free tea all day…just a few twigs to boil the water.

Potager beds of abundanceThe Potager beds are filled with plants and new growth, as the seaweed is watered in by the Atlantic rains.

Car-boy of blackcurrant must for wineLast year’s Blackcurrants are being emptied from the freezer to make this year’s wine.

demijohn of blackcurrant wineThe race is on to use the remaining harvest from last year as the summer promises yet more abundance.

sunset in Ireland

The brilliance of this sunset beckoned me out to capture it in photograph and share it with you!

Sunset at Bealtaine CottageThere is a mist descending on the mountain.

Sunset through the trees at Bealtaine CottageThe bats are beginning their night patrol.

Sunset in the window of Bealtaine CottageThe day is almost over.

Angel at sunsetThe sun is setting in the west.

It is 10pm.

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  1. I am convinced that you have a monopoly on “heaven” in your little corner of the world! So peaceful and beautiful. I live in the city…while the right choice for me right now…I do miss the elements that you enjoy on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing! bj

  2. a beautiful post as always you take me there with you 🙂
    I love this kind of weather you can almost see things growing cant you?
    thank you for all your beautiful words and pictures they really inspire me,
    much love margy

  3. Hi Collette,
    You are clearly living a beautiful life, that many of us yearn for too. How did you get started and break free from the chains of modern living? What helped you to face the fear of taking bold new steps?

    It is so hard to pursue a healthy, balanced, sustainable, caring lifestyle and continue to pay the mortgage and raise kids, surrounded by business as usual. I am struggling to see a future where I will have the time and space to sit and enjoy such beauty and breath it in. I love your posts and pictures which give me some hope and comfort.



    • I was advised by all not to do it, 9 years ago, but I had an epiphany where I realised life on this lovely planet was all too short and mediocrity flourished all around me…that and a bullying employer! I now am financially impoverished but in my life and spirit am a billionaire!

  4. anois go bhfuil muid voyaged léir ar an mbealach siar, i luí na gréine agus ina dhiaidh, Tír Na nÓg tar éis bogadh níos faide fós thar an bhfarraige.

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