Replacing Fear and Hopelessness with Fearlessness and Joy.

washing on the line at Bealtaine Cottage

The washing is on the line, as there’s a great breeze between the light showers and sunshine.

There is no washing machine or tumble drier here at Bealtaine Cottage, so a little barter or exchange takes place when the washing basket is full…which happens when I’m too busy to wash laundry daily.

A good friend did 3 loads of washing in exchange for a few kilos of blackcurrants from the freezer.

Jam making is under way at her house!

Blackcurrants in the freezer at Bealtaine CottageFrozen blackcurrants make a better tasting jam, as the enzymes have already begun to break down the sugars in the fruit.

recycling fish boxes for seed grwoing in the tunnel at Bealtaine CottageThe same friend brought me a stack of polystyrene fish boxes, that were to be thrown away at the market.

These make excellent seed boxes as you can see in the tunnel today, I have been busy sowing seeds and potting on.

Seed growing in the polytunnel in late April at Bealtaine CottageI lay the boxes on the soil as the warm earth will keep an ambient temperature over-night.

Plants and pots are packed into every available space in the tunnel today.

permaculture at Bealtaine cottage

People are angry with the governments who refuse to listen!

A petition was presented to the UK government recently, highlighting the concerns we all have for the health of bees.

It was ignored.

Governments are there to serve us.

The politicians are our servants.

They need to be reminded!Bees are the workforce of Mother Nature!


Buddha at Bealtaine Cottage Ireland

Aquilegia, Valerian and pot lilies surround Buddha in the potager beds today.

I will leave you with these wise words from Dr Vandana Shiva, my inspiration…

“[How do I do it?] Well, it’s always a mystery, because you don’t know why you get depleted or recharged. But this much I know. I do not allow myself to be overcome by hopelessness, no matter how tough the situation. I believe that if you just do your little bit without thinking of the bigness of what you stand against, if you turn to the enlargement of your own capacities, just that itself creates new potential. And I’ve learned from the Bhagavad-Gita and other teachings of our culture to detach myself from the results of what I do, because those are not in my hands. The context is not in your control, but your commitment is yours to make, and you can make the deepest commitment with a total detachment about where it will take you. You want it to lead to a better world, and you shape your actions and take full responsibility for them, but then you have detachment. And that combination of deep passion and deep detachment allows me to take on the next challenge, because I don’t cripple myself, I don’t tie myself in knots. I function like a free being. I think getting that freedom is a social duty because I think we owe it to each not to burden each other with prescription and demands. I think what we owe each other is a celebration of life and to replace fear and hopelessness with fearlessness and joy.” ― Vandana Shiva


  1. Your posts always give me heart, when I feel myself flagging emotionally.
    I am so angered at governments around the world, and am often disheartened.
    Then, I read the words of Vandana Shiva here, and I’m uplifted once again.

    We must persevere, even when in the darkness…

  2. Vandana Shiva has always been such an inspiration and a fearless voice and force for food independence. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts and pictures. Truly a feast for the soul.

  3. I am printing this. I have become so destroyed by my work life that it has spilled over into my actual life. I have felt so hopeless and angry. Reading these words helps me to put that all into context. I should and do my work with a focus on excellence for myself and nothing more. The rest is fodder… Thanks.

  4. Colette – I’ve just signed your petition…good luck with it and your other permacultural concerns. Wise words indeed and sound advice from Dr.Shiva for dealing with all manner of lifes’ issues.

  5. Colette
    I love seeing laundry on the line, 3 generations and myself have hung laundry on the line. Good memories.. Your messages are always so timely . We are just greening up here, planting peas today. I too want to get some of Vandana books, she is so inspiring/.

  6. Thanks Colette for posting Vandana’s words – just what I needed! Recently there has been so much bad news about Gm, Monsanto in general, the seed legislation, the ignorance and arrogance of politicians, I was beginning to feel ground down and angry and helpless. I feel better now! thanks x

  7. Hello! Totally love your Blog and the good you do for our planet! You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place! I do what I can, with what I have, to make it easier for the creatures that inhabit my world! Do some gardening, flowers and a few vegies, every little bit counts, I feel. Thank you and blessings to you and yours.

  8. Hi Colette,
    These have been some powerful revelations you have posted the last few days.
    They are the kind that rock me to the core. The words of Vandana Shiva were just what I needed to hear. Years ago, in the 1980’s, when I was living in and restoring the buildings on a 150 year old farm, I had seen and learned enough to know that if there was evil at work on this planet, it’s name is Monsanto. Back then, I thought I was alone in my observations and conclusions. As time has gone by I see that am not alone in my concern, alarm and outrage. I signed the above petition & shared it on Twitter. When I went to share it on Facebook, an error page .. ” Great Scott! Can not carry out request. Something must be wrong with the cloud!” Or words to that effect. You might want to troubleshoot that with , as the problem is over 15 hours old.
    The only reason I would have facebook at all is to share environmental activism.
    Thank you Colette for your inspiration, passion & encouragement.

    • Hi Adrienne,
      I’m having trouble with Twitter too. I shall contact both and fire off a round or two!
      Many of us are waking up to the true state of affairs in the world today…I feel we have to act speedily and positively!
      Blessings, Colette X

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