An Ancient Recipe for Blackcurrant Chutney

Finally, finally coming to the bottom of the freezer and the last of last years Blackcurrants…so many of them…over 150lbs! I have eaten Blackcurrants every day since last summer. I have a very simple meal that I make with them…raw food vegan! It’s simply putting a handful of sunflower seeds in the blender with 3 or 4 big handfuls of organic oats. Blend. Add soya or other vegan milk, or dairy if that’s your choice. Blend. Add 1/4 lb of frozen Blackcurrants and some Maple Syrup to taste. Blend. The result is a cross between an ice cream and a…

Replacing Fear and Hopelessness with Fearlessness and Joy.

The washing is on the line, as there’s a great breeze between the light showers and sunshine. There is no washing machine or tumble drier here at Bealtaine Cottage, so a little barter or exchange takes place when the washing basket is full…which happens when I’m too busy to wash laundry daily. A good friend did 3 loads of washing in exchange for a few kilos of blackcurrants from the freezer. Jam making is under way at her house! Frozen blackcurrants make a better tasting jam, as the enzymes have already begun to break down the sugars in the fruit….