Resistance is Edible

Rhubarb at Bealtaine Cottage

The austerity that is being enforced upon us all makes me very angry indeed…for I know how manufactured it all is!

As an act of rebellion against the banks, government and rotten corporations I have turned to the land, one of the last vestiges of freedom that we, as a people, have.

Canned Rhubarb in the kitchen of Bealtaine CottageCreating food, from what is supplied in abundance from Nature, is as defined an act of rebellion, in these dark days, as can be found.

Food which will last long past the fruitfulness of summer and autumn…canning is a skill worth learning!

Stewed Rhubarb for crumbles, ice cream, yoghurt, pies and cakes!

Copper Beech, Euphorbia and Rosa Canina at Bealtaine CottageSpending a little time yesterday canning some of the Rhubarb harvest has given me the impetus to save and store as much as possible this year.

Pear blossom in the permaculture gardensForaging will play a role in this Resistance too, ensuring that all walks will allow a little something to be added to the store.

Permaculture Tunnel at bealtaine CottageThe store includes all that will be of benefit, including fuel, as the hedgerows are littered with dead wood ideal for kindling.

seedlings in pots in the permaculture gardensSeeds will be sown late into the season and every patch of the tunnel will be utilised!

Permaculture Edible gardens of Bealtaine CottageThe more food that can be produced for ourselves, the less money flows to the corporations…is this why the EU tried to ban us saving and sharing Heritage Seeds?

Nothing like MacDonalds!Resist, eat well and be healthy!

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  1. Peaceful resistance, like Gandhi advocated.
    …I’m going to set up an International Council of Peace, which will be pat of the Permaculture movement and not under a governmental thumb. 😀
    There to bring peace to Gaia and love to the world. 😀

    Blessed be.

  2. Monsanto have gone too far, I can see a time when the company will be history, it’s people elsewhere. My focus here is to say I am very hopeful for the future of the Transition Town Movement, stated at Kinsale and moving on world wide. Even Matlock.

  3. Rhubarb is food with heart for us. We have two varieties: his Mum’s and my Mum’s. We are both middle aged orphans (there is no good day!), so the plants are very special to us. We treasure the experience everytime we eat it and smile when we see it growing in the garden. Thanks for this post it is uplifting and motivating to action at the same time.

    • What a lovely place to remember mums…in the garden, in abundance and with the promise of a pie or crumble! I should love to leave a legacy that keeps on giving!

  4. Great title Colette, made me laugh. I am also growing more than ever this year. I must also can some of my rhubarb. Let’s keep “sticking it to the man”


      • I just processed a huge amount of rhubarb this weekend. It came in earlier than usual this year as we had a mild but very wet spring. The landscape around me looks like late June rather than mid-May. Is Ireland slightly ahead of the seasons this year, as well?

  5. Thank you Colette, for being brilliantly aware and out there…for all of us.
    You have enabled a sea change in my spirit. You are so appreciated.
    Happy summer to all at Bealtaine Cottage.

  6. I feel very angry about Monsanto and like you have turned to my garden, which is mainly fruit. My soil is heavy clay and was once (and I suppose still is), part of the weald and downland clay that runs all through Sussex and Kent. It is marvellous soil for trees and therefore fruit. Organic fruit is very expensive, and that is if you can find it. My organic vegetables come in a box every week from a famous supplier, Guy Watson in Devon, who I know is also worried about the situation. Try as I might, it is all too easy to feel depressed about it all and the more you read, the worse it gets. It seems that the American government and Monsanto are one and the same, due to infiltration. Still, I shall go to London on Saturday and try to feel positive. You are doing a brilliant job, and I thank you heartily for your blog.

    • Anger is good all the time it is directed into action.
      Those in power would have us believe that individual actions are of no significance.
      I say, remember Rosa Parks and many like her, who just said, “No!”
      Life is too short to tolerate bullies, be they from corporations, governments or any other institutions!
      It is We who make up the state, not corporate bullies and their lackeys in government!
      Enjoy Saturday!

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