Tim DeChristopher…an American Hero

This material is from the “Democracy Now” website and tells you a little about an extremely heroic young man, Tim DeChristopher, and why I follow him on Twitter… @dechristopher

The environmental activist Tim DeChristopher has been sentenced to two years in prison for a bold action that prevented a mass sell-off of public wilderness in 2008.

DeChristopher was convicted of interfering with a public auction when he disrupted the Bush administration’s last-minute move to auction off oil and gas exploitation rights in Utah.

DeChristopher posed as a bidder and won drilling lease rights to 22,000 acres of land in an attempt to save the property from oil and gas extraction.

On Tuesday, DeChristopher was fined $10,000 and immediately taken into custody to begin serving his 24-month sentence.

Twenty-six people were arrested protesting the sentencing outside the courthouse.

Speaking in court, DeChristopher reportedly said, “You can put me in prison, but it will not deter my future of civil disobedience, and it won’t deter others who are willing to fight to defend a livable future.”

Tim, I am with you all the way! What I feel for this beautiful Earth is beyond articulation. What you did to try to save her speaks to my very soul. 

Here is today’s video.

I dedicate the beauty of Bealtaine to you, Tim, for without people like you, the Earth is surely doomed.



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