As the IMF Orders Ireland to CUT DOWN her TREES…A Dire Situation

Angels in the rain at Bealtaine Cottage

The rain is torrential.

I have just taken these pictures as the rain stopped.

Last year was very wet here in the west of Ireland.

Adaptation to the change in climate is under-way.

Raised beds are made and more are planned.

As I write, the rain has begun again and in between the sun shines.

Climate change is here.

Climate Change and weatherThe weather patterns are unpredictable in all except extreme weather expected!

Our governments should have instigated national tree-planting on a war-footing scale, with all available funds channelled into our life-boat…Earth!

Billions of £/$ for war as the killing of human beings continues and our planet slowly expires!

In a dire situation like this, we must take hold of the reins ourselves and plant trees, grow food and permaculture the lifeboat that is our planet.

Plant trees in IrelandHere in Ireland, where I live, the government is aware that Ireland has the least tree cover in the whole of Europe, yet is allowing the IMF to harvest all the trees in the National Forests, as part of the debt repayment nonsense that only disconnected bureaucrats could have concocted!

Nicholas Stern, author of the UK government-commissioned review on Climate Change in 2006, said, just a few days ago…”Looking back, I underestimated the risks.

The planet and the atmosphere seem to be absorbing less carbon than we expected, and emissions are rising pretty strongly.

Some of the effects are coming through more quickly than we thought then.”

He was referring to his report, The Stern Review, published in 2006.

Stern expected a rise in global temperatures of between 2 and 3 degrees.

Stern has changed his forecast…upwards saying that we are “on track for something like four “.

 Bealtaine Cottage stained glassStern goes on to say, “I think I would have been a bit more blunt. I would have been much more strong about the risks of a four- or five-degree rise.”

“This is potentially so dangerous that we have to act strongly.

Do we want to play Russian roulette with two bullets or one?

These risks for many people are existential.”

‘I got it wrong on climate change – it’s far, far worse’~Nicholas Stern

Bealtaine in June 2011 020There you have it…we are caught in an escalating situation of weather change that is impacting on our lives as I write.

Plant as if your life depends on it…because it does!

As a condition of the IMF/ECB/EFSF “Troika” loan for the amount of €67.5bn Ireland must generate €2 billion from the disposal of State-owned assets and companies. As part of this, the government has plans to sell off the harvesting rights to the states forestry for the next 80 years. The name of the state owned body is Coilte. This is the usual IMF privatise and realise policy enforced worldwide…profit being the main driver to assuage so-called national debt.


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  1. Ireland should tell the IMF to KISS THEIR ASS! How dare they STEAL your trees. They are pirates and rapists in business suits. That said …I planted a persimmon tree today. Sorry for the bad language.

    • It’s okay…I often fire a double-barrel…though usually just off into the trees…and they understand me…that said, Jack usually gets quite high and begins running round! He probably picks up the energy, as the trees absorb the carbon of the curse words!

      • The fury that I felt at the unfairness Ireland has been dealt at the hands of the IMF was uncensored. I don’t know the details, but my guess is that the same bad and illegal criminal investments that placed Ireland at the doors of the IMF for help, have their origins in the same group of pirates who are now raping your forests for the next 80 years. Many of the worlds municipalities were dupped with bad investments and should be receiving rightful victims compensation, not being further raided in the name of repayments. Ireland is not alone. The trail of blood I believe will all lead back to the global Wall Street mafias. And the reversal of the Glass Steigal Act in 1990 which separated gamblers and crooks from real banking business of the people since the FDR years. But for your sacred forests to be offered up for the next 80 years is abysmal. Where did that IMF money go? Why wasn’t some of it ear marked for restoring Ireland’s natural beauty by replenishing its forests instead of depleting even more in the name of the money God. Those who are responsible for this will be tried in a higher court. And Mother Nature will be presiding and have the last word. Until then, for every tree they cut, we will plant ten, for our collective home, this beautiful and miraculous planet we chose to call Earth.

  2. I planted a group of 7 blueberry bushes in my front yard 10 years ago and they yield blueberries(which the birds usually get before I can get many for me!) But they are literally COVERED with berries each summer-they only seem to ripen a few at a time, but as I said the birds enjoy them immensely and they make an attractive yard bush as well as providing nutrition.

  3. I aree, we need more trees!
    I had a serious medical condition in my youth that really plagued my life until I moved to a house that had a magnificent willow tree in the garden. My family did not believe in fanciful things and I therefore I had no pre-conceived notions about the magic of trees – they were just trees, right? wrong! that tree healed me. I discovered that when I sat with my back against it’s bark I would feel something indescribably beautiful, there was a real presence of wamth, comfort and friendship with a gentle restorative energy that radiated through my being. Each day I sat by the tree I grew stonger and was eventually cured. This was a long time ago and I can remember how sad I was to leave that house, I still miss my willow tree friend very much, but whenever I think of him/her I feel a glow.
    I plan to plant and grow some willow to use in the garden this year, I’ll need to read back through your posts to learn how to manage it. My little garden is sadly not big enough to accomodate a full grown willow but I have already planted a sweet apple tree and was gifted a little weeping birch, a tiny rowan, ornamental cherry and an (also ornamental, I think) almond tree (pretty but I’m not sure how useful these will be for the wildlife). The garden already has a tall eucalyptus, I’ve heard this is a thirsty tree and that I should cut it down, but I don’t have the heart to do this. A neighbour had already tried to sabotage it by tearing off two large boughs, the poor thing is battered and split but has somehow survived.
    I was wondering, if you Colette had a very small garden are there any particular plants or trees that you would favour or prioritise? I would welcome any advice (although there is already so much to be found here on your blog) as I am very inexperienced.

    Warmest blessings xx


    p.s. I’ve also left a comment on your previous post.
    Hi Cicely, I read your comment with much interest…I keep hearing similar stories from people all over the world.
    Ff the magic of trees, I have no doubt.
    As to the universal consciousness of all life, I have no doubt either.
    There are more things in Heaven and Earth than we could ever begin to understand!
    Gardens…I have had small gardens and allotments too. Plant willow as an arch…that way it will be kept in check with twice annual pruning and will also support life of all kinds!
    Eucalyptus benefits from coppicing, so don’t be too wary of making it smaller. Fruit trees are just wonderful, with form, blossom, fruit and birds, bees and insects. Look at what grows best in your soil type and then use intuition. Nature, once assisted, will soon find her feet!
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

    • *Cicely, your deepest inner self guided you correctly in your youth… the Willow is a MIGHTY powerful, healing tree… Willow (botanic name – Salix) has pain killing properties found within its very bark. This natural “chemical” is known as salicin.
      Herbalists have utilised the mighty Willow’s bark for centuries in teas and infusions, giving great pain relief – I even use it today, to great effect.

      In the early part of last century, chemists learned to extract salicin from Willow Bark, and turn it into salicylic acid… the key ingredient of ASPIRIN.

      So inherently, you communicated with your lovely Willow those years ago, and came to benefit from its therapeutic effects.

      As Colette says above – use your intuition. The trees and the earth will tell you. Be still. They talk to all who ask their advice…

      Wishing you well,
      Vicki xo

  4. Colette,
    I totally agree, I have a ever-growing list of plants to get. We all need to be more self sufficient, plant tree’s that shade us in the summer but let the light through in the winter. Plant bushes and trees that will provide us with food. Your willow plants hopefully will inspire more people to plant them. They provide so much, wood for the fire, plants to sell, basket making, garden uses. You have showed us all how to do all of these things, thank you. I think it is our duty as stewards of this planet to share and help people to help Mother Earth..
    We nurture, protect and feed the Earth, for she is our sacred mother.
    Therein lies hope for our future and those we love.
    Bealtaine Blessings X

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