Monsanto, Bono, Africa and Suicide

He was once a hero of mine.

A singer who sang about the issues I cared about.

But, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” has become “Endgame, Bloody Endgame,” as the one time singer who articulated the ideals of a generation, turns advocate and spokesperson for the awful, dreadful, death impregnated, GM seed and food corporations of the globe.

The G8 Summit, where the great and the greedy met to plan their attack on an unsuspecting continent, will go down in history as the final chapter in a globalized attack on the poor and downtrodden of our world.

For we all know about India and the almost quarter of a million dirt poor farmers who have taken their lives in all manner of disturbing ways.

That was about seed.

GM seed.

Seed with great advertising and promises behind it, pushing it upon the most vulnerable upon our sacred Earth.

And, if I know…I, a woman living in the remote west of Ireland without television or daily paper, then I am certain that Bono knows all this and more!

After all, did he not spend time with President Obama at the G8 Summit?

So, why, Bono…why?

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  1. “They’re future consumers for the United States,” stated Bono during a 2012 interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, referring to the people of Africa who have yet to be assimilated into the beast system. “The president is talking business. This is good. It’s a whole new development paradigm today. The old donor/recipient relationship… it’s over.”

    Yeah…wow and the US consumers are such a great path to follow…into oblivion. What an arse and what’s next for him – “Just say no to birth control” we need more consumers?

    Apparently the new paradigm is to have the memory of a gold fish…conquest, potatoes and all.

    Too stupid to contemplate,


  2. Bono, please don’t get me started, useful idiot and friend of the Neo-cons and corporate capitalist imperialists, as George Bush said, “I can’t be bad look Bono is here” The funniest one I heard about Bona was a group of anachists chasing him down the road at the G8 shouting “make Bono history”, You can add Geldof,Sting and a host of other hypocritical pop-stars and media types who are trying to give some meaning to their pointless lives by posing as saviors of the world.

  3. there is a great need for intelligent and compassionate people like yourself speaking out in the world. your rant is very rational and dignified and it speaks the truth.
    i discovered this post last night and went on to read via the internet about the sad plight of the indian farmers ( i also don’t watch television or read newspapers and am fairly isolated here), i sat and cried.
    the way societies and their leaders behave so often baffles me. where are their consciences? where is their sense?.
    when i was a child my uncle, a scientist (in aviation), warned the family not to use the new and fashionable aerosol spays that had come on the market because he believed they would damage our health and our atmosphere. he was not the only scientist that knew this right from the beginning, yet they were powerless.
    i hope and pray that people of all nations will wake up, come out of their dissociated states and lead more responsible lives. if this happened there would be no need for wars.

    i love the first image of missy on the co-ordinating mosaic too 🙂

  4. I never liked Bono, in fact I walked out of a U2 concert in London (the Lyceum in 1981 I think) because the whole show was choreographed. U2 were the “latest thing” and they were Irish so I was thrilled they had such great coverage. I went to see them at the beginning of their British Tour starting at the Marquee in Soho. The concert was great, really passionate and rocking. So I went to the Lyceum for the end of tour concert, and it was identical!!! It was like watching a recording of the first one, even down to Bono’s zip on his leather trousers bursting open and he had to fix it with a safety pin. I thought then that he was dishonest and manipulative, (maybe I see things in black and white too much) Some people argue that it is great to have celebrities standing up for human rights or whatever because their fans are more receptive to what they say than they would be to a politician or news reader and I suppose there is merit in that view; but I still can’t stand the little squirt!

  5. Yes, it’s sad for me too to see Bono take this position. I really can’t fathom why anyone is in favor of GM agriculture. I hear the words people say, but I can’t see how they connect to the reality.
    I like how the mosaic is color-coordinated to your cat. Nice touch.

    • Rachel, there are times when one feels bereft of any understanding of why people do what they do…this is one of those times for me.
      GM is one of the nails in the coffin for our sacred Earth.
      Missy ensures Bealtaine Cottage designs work for her at all times, ha!Ha!

  6. Thank you for the information about Bono, it is very discouraging that he has been so fooled.

    Bono is a co-founder of ONE stated on the website as “ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.” I sent the following email to this website at :
    I suggest Bono thoroughly research GM seed and the effect Monsanto (among others) has had on rural farmers in India. They have also sued farmers all over the world when their GM seed has been scattered by wind onto these farmers property.

    I am extremely disappointed that Bono could be so misinformed. These seeds will damage that environment, and does he really want African farmers to “owe their souls to the company store?” Shame on him and your organization if this is what you promote. I sugguest you reaearch Dr. Vandana Shiva if you can take the real truth!

  7. Great rant! I couldn’t agree more. It is only about the money for them…they care nothing for people or the land. But you do, and even without council funds, you have taken your “permaculture roadshow” on the road in a way. Your pictures and words are very inspiring. Thank you for that. Patti

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