Harvesting Rhubarb and Growing Peach Trees

Harvesting Rhubarb for the second time this year.

The first crop was back in the middle of Spring.

When that crop was picked, I manured the beds and allowed it to go on to develop a second flush.

Once washed and chopped I lightly stew the rhubarb, then cool it and pack it into bags for the freezer.

The Spring crop was made into delicious jam!

One of my favourite winter puddings is simple stewed Rhubarb topped with toasted oats and demerara sugar, mixed with some chopped nuts…mmm!

I lightly toast the oats in a big cast iron pan with the sugar and nuts.

It takes minutes and tastes divine topped with Soya cream!

Oops…the pics are mixed up!

Lots of good stuff for the growing compost heap.

You’re right!

I had no intention of waiting until winter for this treat!

Taking the compost over to the heap, passing the Nasturtiums on the way…lack of sun doesn’t appear to bother them at all!

Just to share with you the progress of one of the little Peach Trees, grown from seed here at Bealtaine Cottage…a real Irish Peach tree…and very strong indeed!

And as I return from the compost heap, I spotted the Spirea  in blossom in the hedge.

This is a mixed hedge planted with cuttings and home-grown plants about five years ago.

It is in the Orchard, so all the shrubs are flowering and Bee-friendly.

P.S. You may have noticed the name change at the top of the page. Well, I thought it best to make it a simple “Bealtaine Cottage,” for this is where it’s all happening…


  1. visiting your blog when i have time to sit with a cup of tea is fast becoming a lovely daily ritual 🙂
    i will try your tasty sounding rhubarb recipe for certain as a have a big bunch sitting on my kitchen counter.
    i am sure you have been told many times before that your painted and mosaic flooring is stunning! it’s so beautiful to look at, i’ve never seen anything like it before.

    i think bealtaine cottage is a perfect name.
    i live in a cottage that has a number (officially) but i have also given it name because i think a home feels more loved and appreciated when it has one. mine is catkin cottage due to the abundance of hazel and willow that grow in the surounding countryside and the fact that i have four rescued cats (three of them deaf).

    the sun is out to play in catkin land today, i hope that she is also shining on bealtaine cottage and that your gardens, cats and chickens are basking in her warmth.

    blessings xx


    • Catkin Cottage, what a beautiful name…and yes, give a name to your sacred space that is home to so many and filled with love…it suits it perfectly!
      A soft rain falls on Bealtaine Cottage today, but the Earth smells so good as it soaks up the mist.
      There is not a day I dislike in terms of weather, though the wind can be scary!

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