Extreme Weather in Ireland…AGAIN! Permaculture @ Bealtaine Cottage.

Bealtaine Cottage May 2012 010The weather has been extremely dry over recent weeks.

Bush fires are raging in counties Donegal and Mayo as I write.

There can be no more wavering on the issue of climate change…it is real!

May 2011 Bealtaine Cottage 010There are very low levels of water in my spring well so I have to ration water use in the cottage.

Rain is promised for the middle to end of the week…bring it on!

Colours of the Copper Beech trees are deepening along the bank at the back of the cottage.

Planting deciduous trees like these will ensure that soil is not eroded and the land is protected from monsoon type rains which are becoming more frequent here in Ireland.

May 2011 Bealtaine 013Ireland, once known for its soft rain…

There is a distinct canopy emerging at Bealtaine, a forest garden is taking shape, and with it a magical landscape.

I see permaculture more and more as the only real solution to the massive environmental devastation that is happening across the globe.

The Earth needs to be re-forested…fast!

There are 60 fire engines out across N.Ireland this evening fighting wild fires on the hills.

Some homes in Donegal have already been evacuated.

May 2011 Bealtaine 006It is difficult to come to terms with this freakish weather on May 1…except that extreme weather in Ireland is no longer freakish and more and more the norm., Worrying!


  1. Something certainly is increasing climate extremes here in the U.S. this year. I think you present an excellent theory. I found the Popular Science article and it is right on target and very credible.

    The only case that could be made for climate change alone causing this might be how extreme weather was in Australia earlier this year.

  2. Hi Colette – yes this weather is enough to give you the pip – thank goodness for stoves eh! We just re-lit ours after weeks of trying to put it off. (No doubt we’ll now have a heatwave!) Lovely to see your pics – those straws look scrummy.. your Valerian is outstanding. Tried dyeing with it and it produced an interesting khaki colour. They grow it at the Chelsea Physic Garden, London too – it’s in their dye bed – ..take care and hope your Mum had a lovely stay – all good things – Louise
    I agree Louise…this weather is mad and it’s not just here. Tweeters in America and Canada have been in touch with me saying just how crazy the climate has got in their areas! Mum had a lovely time, thanks Louise! Good to hear from you!
    Best Wishes, Colette

  3. Hi Colette – what lovely pics to start off the w/end, especially your Mum and Flo! Hope she has a lovely stay with you and also a great birthday. No sign of young apples on our trees yet though the hot spell yesterday will hopefully bring them on…your fruits look amazing! Thanks for the cordial recipe – maybe you’ll be able to put all your recipes in the book? (Your soup recipe from about 9 or 10 months ago was deeelicious!!) Thanks again for all your words – love to you both from Louise
    Hi Louise…good to hear from you on this lovely holiday weekend…well it is here at any rate! Mum is having a great time! We went to the beach yesterday and watched this incredible sea mist just floating in from the Atlantic Ocean…one expected to see Queen Maeve rise up from it at any moment, especially as we were within sight of Knocknarea, where she is interred on the mountain top in a stone cairn…standing up! awaiting further battles in the defence of her people! The book…aha! We shall see!
    best Wishes, Colette.

  4. hi Colette – so glad you are back on line, that must have been a very stressful time. Hope you partook of your home brew as a pick-me-up! Great to see your pics, as ever, and the cherub and London Pride look perfect to gether! The lovely wee blackcurrant you gave us is doing well and being carefully nurtured! Fleur found a white egg buried in her allottment no dig potato section – quite a mystery! All good wishes to you from Louise
    Hi there Louise…and Fleur! So good to hear from you! Yes, the home brew was successful as a de-stressing aid, purely medicinal of course! The white egg…now there’s a mystery! What on earth could it be from? I must ask around! The Blackcurrant will probably fruit well next year…a true Bealtaine Blackcurrant as it was raised from seed here! Best Wishes and keep well, Colette.

  5. Hi Colette – glad to read you are back on the web OK! Hope to see you on the 28th as previously chattted about…just a request – is it possible to remove my home address from the site? somehow it has got on under blogroll – many thanks – best wishes from louise
    That’s no problem Louise and looking forward to seeing you on the 28th! Colette x

  6. Dear Colette – do hope you have the rain by now and that your spring is running once more. The new look web page is great – glad it got sorted. Still enjoying your blackcurrant jam – simply delicious! All good things – Louise
    Louise, good to hear from you and glad that the Blackcurrant jam is going down well! The harvest is looking great for this year too!
    It continues to rain…good news, though will be a few days before the well is flowing again as the water table in the ground has to rise considerably!
    I received a lovely letter and seeds from Fern…and intend writing a post on this soon.
    Remembering your visit to Bealtaine with fondness

  7. Too bad I can’t send my incessant raining and unending flooding your way!
    There’s some rain on the way, or so it’s promised! Thanks anyway, Dale! Good to see you permaculture place coming along well!
    Blessings, Colette

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