Jack, Bealtaine and the Ocean…Permaculture Musings from Ireland at Beltane

Drove to the ocean yesterday.

Rosses Point in Sligo on the west coast of Ireland.

It was beautiful.

Took Jack and he loved it too!

Jack approves of the sea and the sand…he got really excited!

And he even found friends on the sand…

Tonight is the Eve of Bealtaine, the eve of summer, SummerEve…

A jet in the evening sky heading into the west, probably to America.

The setting sun has illuminated the trail in the dusk.

Returning home…The lane-way at Bealtaine, now densely planted with trees and shrubs and other living things.

It is almost impossible to see the cottage!


  1. posted on the wrong page, oh well. missing you and your lovely garden Colette! xx
    Good to hear from you, Shell and looking forward to seeing you this year!
    Blessings, Colette x

  2. I do love Sligo…feels like home when I’m there. Can’t wait to go back!
    It’s as beautiful as ever and will be when you come over next!
    Blessings, Colette x

  3. My family originates in Sligo but I must say it’s never looked as lovely when I have visited! Normally wellington boots are mandatory 🙂 Gorgeous pictures Colette, I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you!
    Helen, it’s good to hear from you! What part of Sligo did your family come from? It is such a beautiful place and was, of course, WB Yeats old stomping ground, so features strongly in his poetry! Keep well!
    Blessings, Colette.

    • Hi Colette! – here’s my family ruin in West Sligo 🙂
      Helen….wonderful and amazing and a mere 600 years old. I suggest you lay seige to it immediately! I shall rally troops asap and march to the castle with supplies! We SHALL reclaim it for the honour of the O’Dowds!
      Awaiting instructions and battle plans
      Colette O’Neill…Warriors loyal to my family name are standing ready beyond in Tyrone!

      • http://www.odowdscastle.com/index2.htm

        Colette you are a riot!! Well it could take a little while for us to row over there in the longboat from Sweden, but Stephen is donning his chainmail as I write. There could be a few renovations to do when our joint clans claim back the castle, so I’ll throw an elk skin or two into the cargo for the home decor. See you in a few moons!! ♥ Helen

  4. Wonderful pics of the ocean Colette love your dog Jack..give him a hug from me ..love and light
    Lovely to hear from you Susan! I think that Sligo is a favourite place of Michelle’s…hope she sees the pics and isn’t too homesick!
    Jack is a gem…I love him so much! I will give himm a mega-hug from you!
    Colette x

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