The Promise of Pumpkins, and Mum at 81…Permaculture on Friday

Surrounded by pots of everything, all grown from seeds, the Pumpkin…and don’t ask me what kind it is until it produces fruit…is sporting a big, fab., yellow flower! It’s happy! I’m happy!

Talking of happy, I was in Omagh on Wedneday last to help Mum celebrate her 81st birthday…what a girl! She manages to outstyle me, out-talk me and usually outsmart me as well! Not looking bad for a woman who told the doctors to back off over her diagnosis and operation for breast cancer late last year! “No more drugs or treatment, I ready for living my life not sitting in waiting rooms,” she quipped just before Christmas…yep, you can’t keep a good woman down! …And, talking of Alice Taylor, isn’t she a woman for our times? On board the Gaza Flotilla…more power to you Alice!

Continuing to harvest a magnificent crop of blackcurrants…Permaculture sown and grown…the BEST!

More wine ready to be bottled and fined down and cleared without the use of animal products, as used in the commercial wines! Still, if you want to eat and drink the finest than it’s always best to make it yourself!

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  1. My Nan gave the kids a little legacy and we spent it on a recycled Great Dane who needed a home…..our house is now a home again & we are all ecstatic about our arrival.Shane & I drove 200 miles to pick him up, hes wonderful & has made me conquer the fears of motorways.I brought back strength from Ireland! love & light to all xxx

    From Colette…Karma…wonderful news about the new arrival! You are so right…rescue dogs are wonderful and create such absolute love and happiness around you! Well done you for conquering your fear of motorway driving! So lovely to spend time with you. My best wishes and Blessings to you all!

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