The New Age

Bealtaine Cottage 007

We are living in a time of flux…All is change.

Many of us are seeing the potential in this continuous change and regard it as an awakening to The Age of Ecology.

Bealtaine Cottage 006

The Age of Corporatism continues in its most ugly form, sucking in souls to its relentless mantra of buy/consume, buy/consume…

Bealtaine Cottage garden shed

Economic growth in a finite world?

What was has almost destroyed our world, as more and more of humanity come to realise.

As many move away from the corporate model we once embraced, the world appears different to our eyes…we are living, alive, sensory deprived human beings.

Bealtaine Cottage kitchen window

How much does one person need in order to feel happy?

Old Irish dresser at Bealtaine Cottage

We used to inherit items we treasured thereafter…

Bealtaine Cottage white buddleia

Economic growth?

MORE pollution, consumerism, ill-health, war, alienation, depression…

We need a new model for life, something better to aspire to…

To live a better life, with fewer products.

Bealtaine Cottage rhubarb

To leave some of the raw materials in the Earth.

Bealtaine Cottage 017

To stop taking and grabbing and wanting…

Bealtaine Cottage 009

To consider the people yet to live.

Realising our present path is leading our precious Earth to TOTAL Ecological Collapse.

There has never been this amount of consumer goods on our planet.

The Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage

There has never been this amount of sickness, despair, depression and anxiety.

Conscious living.

Being fully aware of what we do, buy, eat, share, give and…think.

Bealtaine Cottage 010

We are in transit from the Age of Pisces.

This began with the birth of Christianity and is represented by the fish.

Bealtaine Cottage 006

Much of what has been experienced over the past two thousand years, has been shadowed and darkened by patriarchy, in its most virulent form.

Bealtaine Cottage 007

This is a time to leave behind what we now see as futile!

We are entering a new age… An Age of great change

The Age of Aquarius…


  1. The fuchsia-colored wildflowers in these pictures–what are they? When I lived in Kilkenny, they were everywhere–on the banks of the river, in the cemeteries, growing out of old stone walls. I seem to recall they also came in pink and, to a lesser degree, white.

    I would *love* to plant some to remind me of my soul-home!

  2. I so admire what you have done with your home and property. I recently purchased a small home on a double lot, which is no where as large as yours but I have been reading all that you have done which has inspired me to know I as a single woman can do the same.

    I live in the US and the corporate greed is astounding. The amount of junk that is produced while using up the resources the coming generations will need sickens me.

    Thanks for being an inspiration.

  3. Hi there Colette, Was good to actually meet you the other Friday. (wasn’t Jerry’s book good?
    Was just wondering is it OK to send this blog onto a few friends? I thought it was so true and have like minded friends and sons who would like it too. Diana xx

    Still enjoying Gerry Boland’s Poetry…better than anticipated!

    I keep the blog and indeed the smallholding open for all, at all times…so send it on by all means!

    Blessings, Colettex

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