As War Looms…keeping Faith with Mother Earth!

permaculture gardens at 008Such news as makes me angry…so off into the gardens to get working and channel my energy as best I can!

And as if Mother Earth

heard my despair, she has worked tirelessly overnight making the compost heap look beautiful…I laugh out loud in joy!

permaculture gardens at 003

This morning as I spread compost and seaweed on the vegetable beds, before mulching down with cardboard and straw, I ponder on putting the exposed earth to bed for the winter…this makes me feel as though I am nurturing the great Mother. 

It is all I can do to help assuage the horrors of what Man does to her!

permaculture gardens at 009

The big tidy-up is important, before the wind and rain sets in…and what a lot of tidying to be done!

permaculture gardens at 010

Just in case you thought anything about where the compost toilet is emptied…in these neat bins, holes drilled into the bottom of each, no smell, no flies and thoroughly sustainable on site!

permaculture gardens at 016

Cutting and chopping Willow to store for burning…as Charlie supervises!

permaculture gardens at 018

The Lime trees have begun to shed their leaves.

permaculture gardens at 021

The bees continue their daily forage in and around the Nasturtiums.

permaculture gardens at 023

As the seaweed dries out, all these lovely shades of autumn emerge…

permaculture gardens at 030

Let peace rise up as the Michelmas daisies around Buddha…my mantra for today.

permaculture gardens at 032

Tend Mother Earth…in this time of destruction…it’s the best we can do!


  1. Namste. You inspire me to feel hope. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and peace. I hope to come to visit Bealtaine Cottage some day soon and give back to you and mother nature for the hope and love you both give. Namste. x

  2. Hello, I always enjoy your coments and pictures emencely. I look forward to your letter. Thank you for the dedication. About the subject of wars. There is one way to begin the decline of war, that is to get men out of power. Women do not think on these lines, they are nurturers. Men seem to be becoming more and more barbaric. They cannot get past fighting, being destructive. Thank you!

  3. Did a bit of planting myself today, was like summer, strange weather all the same hasn’t rained properly much for months and the ground is rock hard. I watched the “Warning from the Elder Brother” last night, so sad to watch those people from the Kogi tride pleading for the younger brother to stop destroying their world, even sadder that we know its not going to happen. All that the leaders in the west have to offer us it endless war and plunder of the earth.

    Primero estaba el mar. Todo estaba oscuro.
    No había sol, ni luna, ni gente, ni animales, ni plantas.
    El mar estaba en todas partes.
    El mar era la madre.
    La madre no era gente, ni nada, ni cosa alguna.
    Ella era el espíritu de lo que iba a venir y ella era
    pensamiento y memoria.
    cosmología kogui

  4. Seeing your post in my e-mail is the highlight of my day (thanks to Jane Barry). Memories of my Lovely Leitrim and the surrounding area are most welcome. Thank you.

  5. thank you Colette, I too sought solace today in my vegetable patches and the abundance there is for those who look for it. Just the beauty of lichen and moss on hawthorn trees with the redness of the berries lifts my soul. Thank you as ever for your thoughtfulness and inspiration.

  6. As you say, time to keep faith with Mother Earth indeed. I simply cannot recall just how long we have been in a state of war of one description or another (and I am now retirement age). So for something to be described as we are “going to war” when we simply haven’t stopped being at war for many a long year now sounds drastic indeed. From war to mega-war then….whilst those of us who are too “old” (of ourselves – never mind Earth Years) to fight wars anymore and have learnt that wars solve nothing and refuse to take any part in them….we stand and weep at those still so young that they think wars solve anything…

  7. What a coincidence, I was looking up this morning what trees I want to order and I noted down lime tree so I guess it must be winter hardy here in the west of Ireland. Do you use the leaves in tea? I use a similar method for my compost toilet and am also busy cutting branches for winter fuel. Great to see someone else in tune with nature. All the best, Carol

  8. Thank you, Colette! Your compost pile IS gorgeous! I know you’ve written on the composting toilet before, but I’m curious about your set-up, as it looks much neater but also much different than plans I’ve seen from the Humanure Handbook. Do you use straw and herbs to keep the smells down? And do you really only need holes on the bottom of plastic garbage bins, or am I misunderstanding you? One thing I don’t like about the Humanure Handbook designs is that it seems like you need to have a LOT of airflow and a lot of space and sawdust, which becomes kind of messy and obvious you’re up to something strange. Yours looks nice and neat.

    If this isn’t a blog topic, I’d love at least a point in the direction of your system. Thanks so much! This is such an interest of mine, as I spend a small fortune on importing animal manure that’s likely not as clean eating as we are. I like the idea of a closed loop, but we’re in a rental so can’t put in a permanent system. Thanks and blessings, Laura

    • The system indoors is a bucket system. Pics are on the blog and as you see it is nice and neat. I shred shrubby plants to put on top, so there is always a nice smell indoors! These vary from blackcurrant, cedar, willow…always lovely to handle and use! The bucket is emptied into the bin once every couple of days. The bin is ready with good compost for my trees every 12 months or so.

      • Thank you! So, just to be clear, for the outdoor bins, you’re just using regular black plastic trash cans with lids, and the only holes are in the bottom, not drilled all up the sides? Sorry to be so specific, but if what I’m understanding of your method works, then it’s far preferable to a big, messy straw bin ready to be raided by raccoons! 🙂

  9. I am  shamed that my country is the leader in the attacks on innocent people.  When will it end ???

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