We Have Governments

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We have governments grown into monsters, so disconnected from the will of the people, that they have to control the mainstream media.

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We have governments wanting us to spend away our own future and that of our children…consume, consume, consume!

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We have governments leading us into wars that have nothing to do with us!

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We have governments that no longer represent our hopes and dreams!

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We have governments pulling us into the greatest scramble for resources ever witnessed on Planet Earth.

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We have , elected as our trustees, who bend the will of the into acts of and !

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We have governments. We do not have representation.

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We have governments. We have nothing. We are on our own…but…

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Are we?

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Well, anyone who regularly connects to this website knows better…we are individuals with so very much common ground, more than any political party, for we care about our Earth, our community, each other!

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The people are sovereign…maybe it’s time to relay that fact to government!

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  1. Indeed…now what was that comment about “No taxation without representation”. I often cynically think our Governments have long since forgotten the second part of that sentence.

  2. I have been inspired to take better care of the tiny piece of this Earth mother nature as bequeathed me….

  3. Colette, we are too few. There are thousands that think in a similar manner to us – but we need millions upon millions. All we can do, realistically, is set a good example.

    Can I take a small liberty here and pass on a link to an article I believe sums up what is in store for us? This person has, I think, hit several nails firmly on their heads. If nothing else, read the outline – and watch for the signs. At a ‘high’ level, the TTiP is one such sign. At a lower level, the disappearance of building societies and the amalgamating of credit unions in Ireland is another.

    What is forecast is not a conspiracy: no-one should think that way. It’s simply logic, an inevitable outcome of rampant financial freedom for those with money. There’s an old saying, “money goes to money”…as time goes by, this magnetism accelerates exponentially.

    Here’s the link: http://www.golemxiv.co.uk/2014/09/next-crisis-part-two-manifesto-1/

    Don’t get depressed by it: life is a fantastic gift, treat it that way.


    • An interesting read…
      The way forward for me is the opposite of what the TTIP type undermining of democracy is all about…Localization! Strong local communities are the sound basis of democracy!

      • Exactly Colette!

        Remember ‘subsidiarity’ (Maastricht)? That’s what we were supposed to have – decisions taken at the appropriate level – but the word means whatever TPTB decides it means.


        • Coincidentally, I just came across some of JFK’s words, spoken about a month before he was killed:

          “…we cannot remake the world simply by our own command…every nation had its own traditions, its own values, its own aspirations…we cannot enact their laws, nor can we operate their governments or dictate our policies.”

          Can you imagine a POTUS uttering those words ever again? Whatever became of those values?


      • Strong local communities is the absolute way forward, we need to support and teach and learn together. Tackle our restricting antiquarian laws, revive Brehon law, nurture our communities, distract from the obsession with material “things” and open the minds of our communities to the joys of life in a different way, an equal way, there’s a job for everyone in my ideal world and I don’t mean pen pushing. Our wonderful world needs us and there’s plenty to be done and tended to. I will remain hopeful. 🙂

  4. Colette,

    Again a wonderful post. Mother Earth cares not for the dictates of governments. She doesn’t care if you believe or don’t believe. Her laws trump those of any state. I have decided to do what I can.

    I can choose not to use pesticides and chemical fertilizers; to grow more of what we eat; and to buy organic seeds and/or to save seed. I can choose not to buy things I don’t need; to buy things that are well made and will last; and to find others whom I can barter with. I can choose to care for the earth… to take care of my little corner… and to reduce the violence in my life (for example I choose to be a vegetarian).

    But most of all I can choose not to let my government dictate who I am and what I value.

  5. Colette you have hit the nail on the head. My country has gone to the dogs, and we are fighting another war, We cannot get into the worlds problems if we can’t solve our own. One party says it wants less government meaning that it will reduce aid to poor families and give more money for soldiers. They all turn a blind eye to the poor. I agree with Suzanne.

    • Every western country appears to be dominated by an invisible elite, regardless of the political party holding office. Ireland is no better, though a neutral country so big spend on military…I dread to think! We are all seeking better, but starting at home is the ungovernable change which is so very powerful! Onwards and upwards Carole…we are mighty despite the governments we endure!

  6. Good luck here in America! The government controls just about every aspect of our lives and is always finding new ways to control any little part they may have missed! And what shocks me is that many of my generation(the old “hippies”) have given into to all this without a whimper! To most of that crowd, it’s all about political party! All they see is Republicans=BAD, Democrats=GOOD! If a Democrat wants to plunder the earth, take away more rights from the downtrodden, even take away some of their hard earned Social Security, they think it’s ok. People have GOT to get PAST belief in ANY political party if we are ever going to change things!

    • Absolutely spot on, the worldwide systems in place do not work equally for all. When a regime is about to fall they will fight tooth and nail, that’s what’s happening now, I believe.

  7. Your last comment are very true, is it any wonder the voter turnout is so low with the dis-connect between politics and the general public.

  8. I feel your pain here as well. I’m more and more putting so much time, effort and soul into helping Mother as much as I can hoping to at least feel as I’ve done what I can in a world out-of-control. You have been an inspiration and for that I thank you.
    Blessing from Hot Springs, Montana.

  9. You are so right, it is time…… and past time to send that message to our governments. But it seems we have been sending that message to our governments in ever increasing numbers. The problem lies in the government’s willingness to heed the message. They have a message of their own and it is in total conflict with the message we are sending them. Those that understand the nature of the threat the government has become are working to disentangle themselves from the ties that bind them to the government. Not an easy task, but doable if one has the resolve that freedom and hard work are good things.

    I enjoy seeing your pictures. Your sentiments represent what so many have realized. I am surprised that you are faced with the same things in Ireland that we are facing in the USA. I had not seen any news from Ireland in a very long time, other than what I read in your blog.


  10. Hear hear loud and clear, we’ve given governments their time to do it their way, it hasn’t worked, it’s time to balance things out, It’s time for change, a new way that includes every man, woman, child living with Mother Nature. x

    • I agree with your post here Colette. I myself can feel the pervasiveness of the governments intrusions into my life. I wish I could escape and live in peace some where with a bit of land like yourself here. But for now I am making the most of what I have. I can not stop growing plants, little tress, and veg,

      Yes we now live in a ‘consumer society’ thanks to our governments which promotes neoliberalism, Individualism , Selfishness and competition amongst folk, instead of community spirit, kindness, and sharing. This consumer society does not bring happiness to folk. Research has proven this, as you too said in an earlier post, there has never been so much sickness and depression in society, as there is now.

      I for one am backing out of consumption, well after taxes there is no money left for me now anyway. I prefer a more simpler and creative life. I have stepped out of the rat race. These people will be so busy consuming after being brain washed by the governments media, they will have no time to stop, take a breather, live life, and notice the beautiful nature around them.

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