Into the Heart of the Goddess

September 2014 053

I came to a little cottage in an unfamiliar place in the west of Ireland ten years ago… I was a very different woman then.

Vintage Chest 018

I rarely questioned the matrix that was my life.

sustainable living at 010

Much has passed.

Much of me is gone too.

permaculture at 031

The years here have seen a new woman emerge, one who would have been barely recognisable to me all those years ago. 036

Bealtaine has sculpted me, hollowed out the fear and uncertainty, re-shaping and moulding me into someone very different. 007

I have journeyed back to the Mother.

I now live my life to serve the interests of Mother Earth. 006

I love to listen to Mother Earth, to be close to this higher power and live in awe. 010

I love to walk with her through seasons, work to help her overcome and, little by little, day by day, let the Goddess in.

10 July 2014 044

What began as a journey into Permaculture, has transformed and taken me deeper into the heart of Sacred Earth.

Summer at Bealtaine Cottage 001

There is much for me to understand and connect with, for to be in communion with Mother Earth is what energizes me and fills me with joy. permaculture (24)

If you decide to continue this journey with me, I welcome you. permaculture (16)

I care deeply about her restoration to health and beauty and need to listen to her heart. permaculture

What is here has grown from love and respect. (3)

Blessed be!


  1. This post, all that you said, could not have come at a better moment. It is as if She speaks through you to me, saying, “See? This is what I meant.” Thank you for living it, for growing in it, for being willing to stop and listen, and for sharing.

  2. I am informed by strong women in my life that in Deep Goddess work, male energy must fade away. I wish you Bright Blessings. Eric

    • Male energy must find its playfulness and joy, resting therein for a time. Within this realm there is a place for individual souls to grow.
      Blessings of joy to you Eric X

  3. I too have changed and focused on me and my patch of Mother Earth. I have been ill now for over a year and it is slow in changing yet change it will. My patch is mostly self actualizing, I am harvesting Lamps Quarter now. I enjoy your wonderful words and pictures. Goddess Bless.

    • Firstherbs, I,too, have been sick -for almost 2 years, and it has kept me from doing much of anything I had planned for my little 3rd of an acre yard, and even from passing up a chance to relocate to the country in another state. Lets hope that our health improves so we can do some of the marvelous things that Colette has done with her land!

  4. Dear, dear Colette, enjoy this deeper union with Bealtaine. We will be happily awaiting anything you wish to share in the future
    . Thank you so much for all the posts so far. Blessings x

  5. Colette – Your posts show me and I think many others a beautiful, truthful, harmonious way of life. Isn’t it amazing that one person living this way can inspire so many others all across the globe? To me you are just a living angel of nature. I love you.

  6. I shall look forward to your comments and pictures. You are an inspriation to so many. Thank you

  7. First and foremost, thank you for all that you have given to so many of us. Whenever a post appears, it will be a continuous blessing.

  8. Will definately continue to walk with you on your journey … is very similar to my own. Well done for all your amazing achievements during this past 10 years….Blessings and hugs!!…..Sandra Xxx

  9. Yes Bealtaine has been a source of hope for so many of us. I held onto your postings while we were selling our house in Dublin to move to old farmhouse in cavan with our girls, horses and dogs and we just love it. It took over a year to sell / move complete but I just kept reading your postings every day and stayed focused, ticking boxes until finally we competed in August this year so loving the journey, it has just begun!. Love and Light Liz

  10. Dear Colette, I applaud you and I will be joining you. I have felt the urge to meditate in this way but I have been allowing my head, to be in charge., to be practical. I have felt terrible frustration and now you have explained to me why. I am way behind you in terms of being connected – I feel the connection is there but I have to be more active in building it. Now I feel ready to do so. Thanks so much for this post.

  11. I love this post. I too work with the Mother and find it very difficult finding people who really connect to her, rather than the idea of her. So I am very happy to follow your weekly postings. It is an island of calm for me, and connection, in a country where the Goddess is well and truly buried, but I try everyday to bring her energy into the desert wilderness. Thank you.

  12. Follow your Heart and calling, and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

    Maura xxx

  13. I too walk with the Goddess, and I hear what you are saying, I will gladly continue this walk with you, because it is the only walk for me too, many blessing to you and your home.

  14. I will enjoy reading your posts whenever they arrive, Collette! Having written a small blog myself, I understand how much time and effort goes into taking the pictures and composing the post each day. Good for you in deciding to make a choice between doing a daily blog and all that entails and doing what your spirit demands you do. I have never smoked, but I have been trying for many years to stop eating animals. Now that my recent move is complete, it is time for me to get back to the crooked path I’ve been following towards vegetarianism. Your example means a lot in my quest. Thank you!

  15. Yes, please continue the weekly updates! The dialy posts have been reminders and inspiratiosn to me in the midst of my very little patch of garden. With no hope of ever being able to do what you have done, I do my little part, with all my heart, in my patch of food and flowers gardens. SLowly trasnforming the yard of our rental into something more than it was.
    Good journeying!!

  16. Move in peace, sister. Listen to the wind, touch Her face in the trees, find yourself. Go with love.

  17. I am really enjoying your posts and photo’s, it is lovely that you have discovered the real you, and that your life is so much more meaningful and connected to Gaia. I will look forward to your weekly blogs from now on.

  18. Colette – I eagerly look forward to your posts every day. They are a piece of sanity & a constant source of re-alignment in my thinking, in this strange world. I have never been a successful gardener. You’re so inspiring to my brownish thumb. I don’t know why I’m so out of kink with the earth – it’s not for lack of trying. Blessings on your journey, I totally ‘get’ what you are doing. Outstanding!

  19. Bealtaine has sculpted many of us, in many small ways, through the sharing of your wisdom….a greater awareness of the seasons, the actions we take that have a big impact on Mother Earth, planting more trees, the joys of simplicity….for these I thank you and bless you.

  20. I can only imagine how much time & effort have gone into the daily posts, and whilst they are always incredibly inspiring to us, you must always do what is right for you. I, like many others, will follow you on your inspirational and transformational journey, and shall await with eagerness your weekly news. Go in peace. x

  21. Your journey is a sacred one. Thank you for sharing it with us. I look forward to your posts. whenever they arrive…As I have said before, you are a wise woman and I continue to learn from you. Blessings, Patti

  22. You have definately been blessed to be able to quit smoking and learning to love the land. I am battling smoking and hope to overcome it soon. I too love the land and am happiest outside and helping to restore my local area in the small ways that I can. Love your home and pictures and what you are doing there. Thank you…

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