Forces of Evil 002

There is so much happening in the world at present that many of you are struggling to keep abreast of all the doom and gloom, with the war machine ramping up into full steam ahead and governments failing to really listen to the will of the people. 001

Of course it is as much about money, power and control, as all the previous slaughter on this struggling little planet. Make no mistake, there are forces of evil at work…and they are ALL man made…there is NOTHING supernatural about them! 003

The bigger picture is, as it always was, about life on this small, perfectly designed  and formed Sacred Earth. 006

This is what is important…the sacredness of Mother Earth.

How much longer can the Great Mother tolerate the slash and burn tactics used by the criminal elite? 007

When governments and government funded (through tax breaks) corporations, are not slashing and burning the Earth, they are usurping the natural world away from the people they are supposed to serve and represent, by privatizing and corporatizing OUR natural resources. 014

This is not about  protecting Sacred Earth, but creating fiefdoms to harness all the resources of Mother Earth into a vast monster, that is regarded as unassailable and protected by the very laws meant to protect us from such iniquities. 008

So when I refer to this madness as “Forces of Evil,” I am not exaggerating…for evil is not a part of the natural world, but a dark, malevolent force of great destruction created by Man! 012

Evil must be resisted…always.

For my part, I am never afraid of evil, but simply contemptuous of it…it is not to be tolerated!


  1. Yes, evil is not to be feared. Thank you.
    Dawna, have you tried lymphatic massage? In US there is a modality called Manual Lymph Drainage, or MLD. Insurance might cover it if you are in a place that has that kind of thing . . .

    • Hey ,Rachel. I cannot afford to do much of anything medically, and due to owning my home free and clear and having to keep some $$ to maintain it, I can’t get any medical assistance(would qualify on my income though.) Everything in our medical system is just geared towards giving out massive amounts of harmful drugs anyway.) Between the arm and the sarcoidosis that is threatening to blind me, I’m about to give up. I won’t mention any of this anymore because that is not the purpose of this blog. It’s just that I so much wanted to help with the environmental crisis, and continue to maintain an all natural property,etc. I feel so useless. And even at my age, I ENJOY working outside, gardening,etc.

      Thanks so much everyone, for your encouragement and suggestions. I will try the ones that I can do on poverty income!

  2. I look forward to your blog and this is one time where you really hit a chord with me.
    The system all started out with a power grab, wanting to be better than others or more likely to raise oneself on the backs and suffering of others. Now we have chaos on Gaia where control is being lost and the old order is being dismantled. we are in for more years of this until the forces of evil lose control and the new paradigm of concern for your fellow man (I hope) will arise. In all this chaos I have reached middle age and am working towards being able to opt out of it all. Remember the evil empire devours it children and bureaucracy expands and knows no bounds in its ability to crush the individual.
    My issue is how do we harness the goodwill of like minded people who want to see a new dawn? How do people like me who set out 30 years ago full of hope but never made it up the greasy pole because I would not bow to being part of the system.
    I now see the corruption, control by big money, control by religion, peer pressure for what it was – getting everyone to conform.
    My children are the fourth generation of my family forced to emigrate – and we still support the system that fails to change. Well, how do I get reinvigorated and re-establish the idealism I had many years ago and move forward with hope and joy. I now realise that what is right will never be wrong and there is never a wrong time to do right. My family has suffered at the hands of “the system” and old boys club – so I would like to understand why the people who populate these organisations feel unable to do what is right – how can they live with their conscience. I do not want to become a “grumpy old man” but it is getting very hard not to be cynical about it all.
    My plan is to follow Bealtaine and become self reliant, extract myself from the world and not support the system by working outside it. in that way I believe if enough people participate it will fall eventually but meanwhile I have to survive within it but long for the day and a way out.
    Keep the faith live long and proper by endeavouring to persevere

  3. Thanks Jackie. I will check it out. I was just reading that in India 1 out of 4 people are hungry and 1 out of 2 children has stunted development because of it. Many Indian farmers are commiting suicide. So I guess at age 65 I shouldn’t be so upset about my own issues. What we have done to our world is the biggest tragedy of all!

  4. Colette

    I read a good description the other day; it goes a bit like this, with poetic licence:

    “Imagine living on an island with a few thousand other people, including your own children. You’re put in charge and you dictate that from now on, everyone has to consume as many resources as possible, as fast as possible. How long would you last, either as so-called leader or as a community?”

    It is a highly accurate description of what we ARE doing. I shudder every time I come across the word “growth” on the radio or in articles. It’s usually evilly linked to “sustainable”. We are being taken for a ride.

    We must fight the very idea of growth. Growth has finished. It was never any good anyway, why pursue it? We need a closed economy now.


  5. Hi, I loved this whole post and especially your last line: Evil must be resisted…always.

    For my part, I am never afraid of evil, but simply contemptuous of it…it is not to be tolerated!

    I agree wholeheartedly—it is not to be tolerated! That feels like a statement of strength, of power, sourced from within. Evil is a distortion of what is true. We only need to see that to be able to see beyond it or through it to reality. Thank you for that!! SA good one to remember!! Love and blessings!

  6. I want SO BAD to help take care of the earth, but 2 health issues are holding me back. Lymphedema dominant arm due to having 15 HEALTHY lymph nodes removed for a very SMALL slow growing breast cancer. Not supposed to do anything strenuous with the arm . Stung by a bee on the right hand while working in my wild, natural yard on Saturday, and arm now much bigger. Eventually this will turn into a big crippled, totally useless appendage including fingers and hand. Every little cut and scratch or trauma increases the possibility. Then I get a weird auto-immune illness that the sun makes worse! If there is no higher power, either for evil or good, then whom do I petition for just enough healing for the last few years of my life, so that I may continue to be able to plant trees, and do other things to help nurture the earth as well as myself? Or does someone like me simply give up and pray for death? I REFUSE to use any chemicals in my yard, and do everything with hand tools. It was actually a BUMBLE BEE who jumped on my gloved hand and stung me! I LOVE those bees and do all that I can to create a healthy yard environment for them. And that type of bee seldom stings! That was even more hurtful than the pain of the sting and the permanent damage it indirectly caused to the arm! Does any fellow Mother Earth lovers have any ideas or suggestions?

    • Dawna

      That sounds really horrendous – my heart goes out to you. Everyone here will no doubt think about you positively and empathetically: who knows what might happen if we all do that?

      Because you read these articles, you are probably already eating and treating yourself as best you can – but it’s worth repeating to everyone the importance of pure organic, minimally processed food and not too much of any one thing, eating all – or at least a percentage in the very high 90s – plant food, with due consideration for nutritional balance.

      It’s still as true as ever: let medicine be your food and your food be your medicine. I don’t have a bible but I do have – and know backwards – “Plant Based Nutrition and Health” by Stephen Walsh. 8)))

      Dawna, stay in touch with Bealtaine Cottage.

      • David, thanks so much! ALL I want to do with my retirement years is a small scale version of what Colette is doing at Bealtaine. Living in an old neighborhood gives me freedom to do “natural” things with my yard. It’s unbelievable that sunlight can cause the Sarcs to get worse and potentially blind me as well continue to deform my skin, etc, and any little trauma hasten the crippling of arm. I have ALL hand tools, including lawnmower without motor. NO chemicals, no weed eaters, etc. Have done this since 2001, but am losing ability to maintain it because of the 2 illnesses. I will definitely check out this book-while I can still SEE to read it.

        I still LOVE the BumbleBees!

        • Dawna – I feel for you. I’m currently plowing through Hidden Power for Human Problems by Frederick Bailes. Healing through your thoughts is what he writes about. Completely engaging with endless possibilities! This book removes all feelings of hopelessness & teaches one how to heal themselves through their choice of thought.

      • I have used fasting to heal and ameliorate many conditions. The body consumes, while fasting, what is non-essential, that would be tumors, joint inflammations, toxins, etc.. You need to drink water and perhaps take a good drink of mixed greens each day. You could try a couple of days at a time for a few months and see where it improves you. It’s a form of naturopathy and is based on the premise that when you rest the digestive system, healing, other work on the body can be done with energy that is normally extended to digestion.It is restorative to the immune system; read videos with Valter Longo on u tube;


        • Thanks Geraldine. It is in my eyes again now and giving me fits. The arm situation was caused by the removal of all the axillary lymph nodes when they routinely did that even for small breast cancers. They know better now and are no longer that invasive with the surgery.(My own surgeons very words!) The rest of it is from the sarcoidosis. It seems to be going all through my body. They tell me to avoid the sun because our bodies use that vitamin D and make these granulomas. Living like a vampire is the pits! I am a freaking LEO and the sun is my PLANET! What I do now is AVOID DOCTORS! A long as I don’t go completely blind and end up with a crippled dominant arm and hand, I can deal with the rest of it. I will try the fasting. I am not completely vegetarian-kind of semi lacto ovo. I have not gone vegan because I want to eat naturally and any diet that demands you take some kind of supplemental pills seems against nature to me. If B12 could be obtained and absorbed through plant diet I would go for it.

    • Dear Dawna, I can suggest you go to youtube and watch an interview with Andrew Norton Webber and Lisa Harrison about distilled water. I had suffered from chronic eczema since the age of 16 ( now 57) and have tried so many treatments, non of which have done much good. This information has transformed my skin and I am cured!. This is ancient knowledge, some may scoff at this information but from my own experience I believe it´s true.

  7. How timely. The conservative government of Pennsylvania has cut the state education budget by billions while granting Shell Oil billions in tax cuts. Teachers were already buying school supplies and books with their own money. Now they must pay for their own health insurance. Your words and pictures provide such appropriate responses to such insanity.

  8. Plant trees…and when the woes pushed by the MSM creep in again…go out and plant some more trees…and talk to them…
    I know do this already but there can never be too many trees…trees got me through a rough patch last year when I decided to withdraw my energy from the beast that is government…giant sycamores and beech listened and showed me a way through that no human did…

    • There certainly are forces of evil going on in the world. Dr Andrew locbaczewski wrote a book about this ‘political ponerology’ The study of evil in politics and governments. He said many folk just want to live in peace and tend the land, but why is this not happening??? because of the best kept secret in history which is ‘psychopathy’ . Unfortunately they can get into power and if you just look through our history you see the destruction.

      All we can do is have awareness, spread the word and keep trying to live our lives as peaceful as possible, and try our best to relax in the nature, and be as self sufficient as possible, although it can be hard when we know the suffering of others especially children in these country’s at war.

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