The Paradigm Shift

Candle at Bealtaine Cottage Disconnection from Nature means a distancing from the Divine.

Belief in government and politics has led us astray.

Belief in anything other than ourselves has let us down.

Harvest at Bealtaine CottageThe very seeds of creation have been patented by corporations with the hand of governments, our governments, complicit in the evildoing.

Upcycled water taps at Bealtaine CottageOur water has been privatised and sold to the highest bidder, then sold back to us at massive costs.

Our very homes are under attack.

Stanley stove at Bealtaine CottageOur governments have succumbed to the will of the elite and taxed our homes.

Our homes?

There is no profit to be made in the place one retreats to for food and shelter…is there?

Washing at bealtaine CottageAs all this happens, our governments sacrifice the health and education of the nation to spend billions on war.

Even this Irish government I live under, in this neutral country, is suckered into the militarisation of the EU.

Shabby chic at Bealtaine CottageMoney that should be spent at home on alleviating poverty and poor education is going into the killing machine.

No forces should be stationed in other countries and Ireland is all too well aware of that wrongdoing!

Apples at Bealtaine CottageThe yearly cost of stationing one soldier in Iraq could feed 60 families in the West.

Poverty, food banks and misery is on the rise!

dominic fracking leitrim observer sept 7 2011Total estimates of European Union defence and security spending vary between $200 and 300 billion…while children live in impoverishment!


Are we under attack?…only from within, I suspect.

This is an abomination!

September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 016The Paradigm shift is that people are waking up to deeds of their governments and are questioning the very basis of all they once  held true.

“Not in my name.” 

My home is not an asset, Mr Kenny.

You will not tax my home.

I will not comply with injustice and theft.

Taxes imposed by the IMF are nothing less than theft!

Bealtaine Cottage August 2011 permaculture Cottage 020This is not a rallying call to others, but an articulation of what many people feel is wrong with society.

The Paradigm shift is our awakening.

The line in the sand is being drawn.


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  1. There is no point in expecting governments to do the right thing by the people, and twas always thus I’m afraid. It is an endless battle to try to outwit them. The plan is that you will educate your children and get them into university for that good well paid job, and that is the goal. Not that your child should be happy and choose their own destination, oh no, what governments want is that they should pay lots of tax! Added to that they are encouraged to be consumers, keep on buying and buying and borrowing. My grandchildren can’t understand why I am against being in debt, it seems to be normal for them. I tell them to live within their means and to be as self-sufficient as possible and don’t give the government any more than they can help. I just get strange looks as if poor old gran doesn’t understand!

    • They will come to understand sooner than we think if economic downturn continues in the unabated fashion it appears to be going in! There will come a day when you will be viewed with the respect for your wisdom you deserve.

  2. You said it exactly the way it is Collette, and well said too. Hoping against all hope that finally the people as a whole wake up and demand a government that is not corrupt and that works for the people, the tax payers (or not). I would not mind paying for a good running system (in taxes), but I refuse to pay for bonuses, unreal salaries and pensions for those government officials or civil servants that do not do their job, and they are not doing a good job here, and elsewhere in Europe either. Lets hope that things will improve in the future. All the best.

  3. So true Colette. People I have spoken to are, in the main, angry and frustrated and do not want to pay. Others, particularly the elderly, are frightened and will pay. I will be joining you in jail and encourage everyone I meet to do the same. As Howard Zinne said, we need civil disobedience these days. I was thinking to myself, what has happened to the Irish people, the Irish commonsense over the last five or six hundred years. We used to vote for a Taoiseach who enjoined in a spiritual marriage with the land of Erin, and was expected to bring his people good health, abundance, prosperity and blessings for all – people, animals and the natural environment or be rejected and a new Taoiseach found. Now we settle for a bunch of greedy, lying, slovenly, cowardly, sycophants who very obviously care nothing for the people. Why do we allow them to conveniently “forget” that actually WE are the ones in charge and more importantly, why do we allow ourselves to forget? We must stick together – all of us like Cicely who “know” that things are not right. We are already in the majority – around the world, not just in Ireland and isn’t it great to know that – through your blog and elsewhere. Thanks for keeping the pressure on because sometimes it does get tough. It was great to read other people’s responses to feel that sense of
    A solid reminder of what a Taoseach was, and is, meant to be…
    Many of the comments shared here are small epiphanies for many, including myself and Cicely’s comment, so eloquently stated, was one of those moments.
    Sharing the journey in an empowering way, knowing that, in what we feel, we are not alone and humanity is awakening and finding its’ voice.
    For my part…well, I shall be writing about growing blackcurrants today as I feel a “power-up” morning coming!
    Blessings to you all in Connemara from Bealtaine Cottage,

  4. Hello Collette,

    Your wisdom strikes a chord with me across the pond as well particularly in the area of Fracking. I live in the State of New York and the subject of Fracking is a very bitter debate. We have a huge anti-fracking contingency here, but equally so is the group who is looking to make money from the lease of the land and the jobs that will created from the wells. Fracking has been allowed next door in the Commonwealth Pennsylvania. there have been problems with the flames from home faucets caused by water and wells contaminated by methane, the brooks and rills contaminated by spills are enough to make me question the overall safety of the operation but not the money grubbers. I do hope that Ireland is able to stave off the drilling. I just can’t imagine that beautiful countryside dotted with gas rigs.

    As to the finances of the US, if you follow world news I guess you know, everything is so up in arms. Who knows what is going to happen. We have a bunch of pig headed idiots in our US Congress right now, who seem to think more about their political careers then they do their constituents.So while many in this country have not had to bear extreme austerity measures compared to those experienced in Europe and other parts of the world,unless Congress gets its act together, it is going to be austerity at its worst. Unfortunately, they want to target many who are already down on their luck, the poor and the elderly rather than add a greater tax the !% who are willing/and are financially able to pay more. Our President has been adamant about protecting the underdog, but …

    I pray that we all see better days ahead.Your garden walks, pictures and bits of info help to bring such solace. I just ordered herb seeds….I have been taking a refresher Herbalism Course…Definitely thinking about spring…rebirth…regrowth.

    Blessings to you,
    I feel deeply about what you say and have always had a gut reaction to poverty, injustice and war…wrong, wrong, wrong!
    Our lives on this sacred Earth are too short for anything less than compassion and joy, aspects of the Divine we are blessed with, but is riven out of us, starting at school…and I speak as a teacher!
    I love to share Bealtaine Cottage and it is why I keep an “Open Door” policy going, despite the inconvenience at times…visitors love to walk and talk and so do I…LOL!
    Love is all there is, expressed through compassion and joy.
    Fill a child with both and there would simply be no war, hunger, killing or depression.
    So simple!
    Blessings to you from all the joyful, contented life at Bealtaine Cottage.
    Colette X

  5. Cicely, what you wrote was amazing and beautiful! Colette thank you so much for giving us your wisdom and allowing people to discover and voice what has been hidden inside us probably for generations.
    Sharleen, It really energizes me and so many who read this blog to read words spoken from the heart, like Cicely has done today.
    It is uplifting…food for the soul! The goodness in people never ceases to amaze me!
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

    PS: Your Willow will be posted on Monday and thank you so much for your generosity.

  6. Colette,
    Many thanks for the inspiring blogs about the Bee’s and The Paradigm Shift. Fight with all your might for no house taxes for once you get them they will just keep increasing. The reasons will all seem valid but in reality most are not. Our government is sitting on the edge,expenses must be cut and I think that money spent building up countries that we have distroyed and fighting wars that are not our business should be haulted. Who are we to aid others when in fact we cannot help ourselves. We are supporting so many people who could work and choose not to. They will go to as many doctors that it takes to get disability, then work under the table. Its a crime but our government doesn’t see it and if you should report some injustace to the system they say oh don’;t worry about it. Just today in my errands I saw homeless people, people that are hungry. Like Ireland we should concentrate on taking care of our own first and then help others. The pockets of us that are relying on our own resources are increasing by leaps and bounds. We are learning how to live without the help of the government, growing our own food, making our own clothes, cutting wood for heat. The news yesterday said that before 2015 there might be a banking collapse. It advised people to put their money in community banks or credit unions. Stockpile and grow your own food. Things that we already knew and are doing.
    My best to you and yours
    Corruption in government is rife.
    The majority of politicians are very wealthy people who are very well “looked after” once they leave government…I wonder who funds them LOL!
    I will go to prison before I pay them a cent.
    As I work really hard here on my own, prison will be a holiday for me, somewhere that I can put my feet up and read a good book…BRING IT ON! LOL!
    I refuse to comply.
    I remain compassionate.
    I laugh lots.
    Nothing else is important!
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  7. We agree with all you say, however the people have been bullied by goverment, the church and education, most people now believe that they are powless, they have lost faith in themselves. Most people now seem to be unwilling or unable to rebel against the injustices which are now being inflicted on us, we have been beaten into submission with threats of fines for non compliance if we dont pay the household tax. this tax is to pay for services. What services? Unless we live in a town or a city we have none. We are going to be made to pay for water, water that is undrinkable, polluted with chlorine and even worse fluoride. Goverment in a democracy is suposed to serve the people, what a laugh, they serve the bankers and line their own pockets at the same time.
    The simplicity of making the decision to not comply is empowering, for me at any rate. I have found there to be a growing number of people who have adopted a similar attitude. Non compliance works. Make everything as difficult as one can for the powers that be…then, simply laugh at them!
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  8. (feel a little embarrassed saying this) I’ve had learning difficulties (along with autism) all my life, I take many things in slowly and sadly somethings I am barely able to make sense of at all. ‘Politics’ is often one of the most baffling areas for me.
    When I come here and read your blog it is like a veil has been lifted, you put into words the things I instinctively ‘know’ or feel to be right (but am unable to express), so eloquently and illuminate the areas that my mind had not yet grasped or travelled to.
    You are wise and knowledgeable and pass this on in a very gentle, simple and thoughtful way. I have always known I was ‘green’, I have always known that I yearn for peace, equality, love and compassion in the world, but I have always known that there were powers of greed and destruction that work hard to prevent this from being and felt defeated by them. That has changed since I began reading your blog. A great many things have been de-mystified and put into perspective, I feel much more positive for this beautiful planet and it’s future than I ever have in the past.
    You really are doing a wonderful thing here. Gosh, I’d never heard of fracking until I came here and recently I’ve learned that there have been plans to do this very close to where I live! It is bad enough when there are explosions in the local quarries. The fist time I experienced one it was rather like an earthquake, where all of nature was still and quiet as if holding it’s breath before the ‘boom’ as if she knew it was about to happen and braced herself. Quite eerie.
    The power of what you have written has left me gasping almost…and I thank you for it. Cicely, we are coming into our power and it is a wonderful feeling. Never be embarrassed for you are both unique and part of a much wider and powerful community, which is growing. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what you have written here.
    Blessings from all life at Bealtaine Cottage

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