A Spring Day at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Spring in Ireland at Bealtaine Cottage

Spring and the day that’s in it…a beautiful morning at Bealtaine Cottage.

Missy Cat sleeps on the bed at Bealtaine Cottage

Missy sleeps in the light of a Spring morning.

Daffodils dance in the light breeze

Outside, on a grassy bank, sheltered by trees and earth mounds, the tiny daffodils, Narcissus, dance in a gentle breeze.

Willow and Sedge at bealtaine Cottage

Willow, bent into looped fedges vie for space with green Sedge.

The heady scented flower droplets of Ribes at Bealtaine Cottage

The heady scented droplets of rich pink flowers have begun to open on the Ribes, heralding an early feast for any bee that may emerge from hibernation.

Nature provides for her most vulnerable of life…if helped a little.

Ribes grow easily from cuttings inserted straight into the ground!

The front steps at Bealtaine Cottage

The mantle of green, heralding Spring, begins to drape and swathe the land.

Rosehips in a bowl at Bealtaine Cottage

Rosehips from the pink roses on the veranda, sit, gathered in a dish, ready for a flower bouquet to be made.

Once dried, the hips are attached to small wires and added into a seasonal bouquet from Bealtaine Cottage.

This is a day to be celebrated as the sun shines warm upon the land.

Enjoy the day that’s in it!


Bealtaine Cottage on YouTube…yesterday’s video upload…

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