The Cultivation of Non-Compliance

Sowing seeds at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture March 2011 013Seeds.

Sowing seeds and planning sowing seeds…this is the main thread of this week’s work.

I am growing seeds in trays and pots on cleared windowsills in the cottage.

This is just to get them started, then I will move them to the tunnel.

Bealtaine Cottage driveway

The Irish government has decided to tax everyone’s home.

bealtaine Cottage flowers on the windowsillMy home does not earn any money, so I will have to pay the tax.

Bealtaine Cottage flowersHowever, I will not pay any tax to a government who hands my money over to IMF Villains…and villains they are, who terrorize a nation, demanding money with menaces!

Seeds sowing at Bealtaine CottageThis tax on homes has been brought in to satisfy the masters of Ireland, the IMF.

At the same time, all parochial houses and Bishop’s palaces are exempt from Household Charge or Property Tax…so no-one from the church will have to stand up and be counted. 

If the Church had to pay, they might, for once, get on our side and speak out against unfair taxes like the IMF enforced Property Tax.

The same IMF has insisted that we cut down all our trees in our National Forests and sell the timber,  to give the money over to the IMF.

standing stone by the pond at Bealtaine CottageMy home is not an asset, Mr Kenny.

I will not comply.

I will not pay money to the IMF.

The Irish Banking scandal: ‘the rot was widespread, the corruption endemic’…so who, may I ask, is in jail?

Not one banker in Ireland is in jail, yet this traitorous government are preparing to jail people like myself for a crime they have invented!

Chitting potatoes at Bealtaine CottageHowever, as this government has handed over collection of the tax to the Revenue, people will be criminalised for non-payment!

The ultimate enforcement will be imprisonment.

The ultimate shame of Ireland is that we are led by donkeys!



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  1. Coincidentally didn’t the Celts believe that wisdom came from the west. Coincidentally you live in the west of Ireland. Coincidentally didn’t Iceland (Northwest of Ireland) recently vote NOT to give bloodmoney to the IMF. Coincidence?
    The Icelandic people are courageous.
    I hold them in high esteem and the rest of the western world should look to Iceland for leadership.
    You are right, Sharleen, for true wisdom walks hand in hand with integrity and following one’s moral compass in all things.
    My moral compass was handed to me by my father who was a Civil Rights activist in the North of Ireland.
    He could not stomach injustice and was never intimidated by authority, especially authority that was out of control and in the pockets of bankers and corporations.
    A small man in stature, but with a head of thick, fiery, red hair…you could knock him down 99 times and he’d rise up 100.
    He left school at 13 and was one of the most widely read and educated men I ever knew.
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  2. I too am hoping for mass civil disobedience against all governments -for I have not seen any government that has not become corrupt.
    It is a form of protest I totally approve of, inspired by Gandhi and people of peace. I simply do not comply.
    Life is too short to comply with what is wrong.
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  3. Love the pictures of the ‘long and winding road’ …beautifully coloured plants, and neat spuds in their black ‘cocoons’ (think they would make wonderful chips!) Good luck with your non compliance stance. Hopefully you will not be imprisoned….but if so, I will visit, forage wherever possible to bring you yummy takeaway vegan food, and loan you my kindle for the duration of your ‘stay’! 🙂
    Great to be supported during the impending incarceration, but no files in cakes please, as I am looking forward to a rest and putting my feet up…Lol!
    Bealtaine Blessings from all at the cottage

  4. All power to you Colette!
    The last line made me laugh 😀 though donkeys are lovely, intelligent beings with not a corrupt bone in their bodies. So sad about the crookedness of these leaders, I would much rather be led by donkeys.

    Blessings xx
    I adore donkeys, but suspect that most arrogant politicians would find it appalling to be compared to one, especially the arrogant ones here in Ireland! The words I would rather use I try to refrain from…at least in public! Though I can assure you that there are times in this cottage when the air is decidedly blue! Lol!
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  5. I hope these injustices will end soon! This sentence really resonated with me as I am living a smaller micro-level version of this in my life: “…this traitorous government are preparing to jail people like myself for a crime they have invented!”

    I am tired of this invention of crimes — the setting up of impossible standards and laws that are unjust — and then penalizing those who cannot possibly follow the laws. It shows the insanity and desperation of a paradigm I choose to believe is collapsing, even as I type this. So I hope it soon breaks, that the light breaks through and breaks what is wrong, sets to rights what needs to be righted.

    Ireland as a nation is such an example of what is happening at both macro levels and micro levels to humans, and I truly hope that the system of criminal control of humanity is broken and that the new will come. So mote it be.

    As I cannot afford a holiday, a spell in prison will come as a welcome rest!
    For my part, I no longer care for their arrogance and I simply will not comply.
    As they say, in the good old U.S. of A., …”Bring it on!”
    Bealtaine Cottage Blessings

  6. It’s horrible and degrading what your Government and ours are doing. There is much anger here especially with the ‘bedroom tax’. While I am a pacifist I predict a riot this summer. I think mass civil disobedience is called for, direct action. Yours in solidarity, from across the pond.
    Most of what the governments are doing is downright illegal, in terms of what they are supposed to be doing. I left the UK in the year that War criminal Blair sent young people to die in Iraq, where already half a million children had died because of sanctions. I drew my line in the ground then. I made up my mind that I would not contribute to wrongdoings. In this case, I shall go to prison if needs be, but, I shall not comply!
    Bealtaine Cottage Blessings

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