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The Cultivation of Non-Compliance

Sowing seeds at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture March 2011 013Seeds.

Sowing seeds and planning sowing seeds…this is the main thread of this week’s work.

I am growing seeds in trays and pots on cleared windowsills in the cottage.

This is just to get them started, then I will move them to the tunnel.

Bealtaine Cottage driveway

The Irish government has decided to tax everyone’s home.

bealtaine Cottage flowers on the windowsillMy home does not earn any money, so I will have to pay the tax.

Bealtaine Cottage flowersHowever, I will not pay any tax to a government who hands my money over to IMF Villains…and villains they are, who terrorize a nation, demanding money with menaces!

Seeds sowing at Bealtaine CottageThis tax on homes has been brought in to satisfy the masters of Ireland, the IMF.

At the same time, all parochial houses and Bishop’s palaces are exempt from Household Charge or Property Tax…so no-one from the church will have to stand up and be counted. 

If the Church had to pay, they might, for once, get on our side and speak out against unfair taxes like the IMF enforced Property Tax.

The same IMF has insisted that we cut down all our trees in our National Forests and sell the timber,  to give the money over to the IMF.

standing stone by the pond at Bealtaine CottageMy home is not an asset, Mr Kenny.

I will not comply.

I will not pay money to the IMF.

The Irish Banking scandal: ‘the rot was widespread, the corruption endemic’…so who, may I ask, is in jail?

Not one banker in Ireland is in jail, yet this traitorous government are preparing to jail people like myself for a crime they have invented!

Chitting potatoes at Bealtaine CottageHowever, as this government has handed over collection of the tax to the Revenue, people will be criminalised for non-payment!

The ultimate enforcement will be imprisonment.

The ultimate shame of Ireland is that we are led by donkeys!



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