300,000 Visitors to Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens

Irish dresser in the cottage kitchen at Bealtaine Cottage

As more and more people follow this blog and the Bealtaine Cottage YouTube channel, one thing is evident. 

Bealtaine Cottage candles in the windowThere is a fast growing movement of people wanting to re-connect with the Earth, grow food, plant trees, secure the future of habitats for bees and wildlife and find their way to food security and a better way of living.

Bealtaine Cottage, Midwinter Something very interesting is happening to the consciousness of many people, for when I started writing this blog, few had even heard of permaculture.

Bealtaine Cottage potager vegetable bedNow, the movement towards self sufficiency, growing food and living richer but simpler lives in harmony with the Earth, is snowballing faster than anyone could have predicted.

Bealtaine Cottage toamtoes in an old bread binPermaculture is a way of looking at life where everything has an intrinsic value.

Bealtaine Cottage potager gardenWhere throwing anything away seems utterly ridiculous, as we come to the realisation that there is no ‘away’.

Bealtaine Cottage lettuce in the potager garden

We are here on this beautiful planet for a very short time.

Bealtaine Cottage Missy on the benchProbably just enough time to begin to appreciate what we have and what we must protect for those to come.

Bealtaine Cottage plant nurseryThank you for visiting Bealtaine Cottage.

Bealtaine Cottage Celtic crossYou give me the reason to keep photographing, filming and writing…Bless you all!


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  1. Here in Wisconsin we are having a cold, snowy March when just last year it was warm. I love the pic’s of your garden it is getting me through this.
    Bright Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage,

  2. Congratulations on reaching out to so many Colette.
    Whenever I feel stressed or needing peace, I log into your lovely blog and re-read your inspirational posts. An hour of that and a nice cuppa always gets me thinking of things I can be doing to simplify my life and lessen my impact on the Earth.
    I’ve ordered some free seeds that will be plenty for me and enough to share with my neighbour and I’m waiting for the rain to ease off so I can get the ground ready for the spuds and onions.
    Happy days.
    Best wishes to you all at Bealtaine x
    Thank you Kayte…it’s good to be appreciated! There is also a Bealtaine Cottage channel on YouTube and that is becoming quite popular too…sowing, sowing, sowing, isn’t it great to be back in Springtime!
    Bright Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage,

  3. Congratulations! And I think you are quite right. The Awakening is happening! I just hope we are in time. 300,000 visitors! You are definitely getting the word out! And thank you for that. Patti
    The 3rd month of the 13th year of the New Millenium and 300,000 on the counter…now, what is it about 3 I wonder? Some kind of synchronicity… We are not too late, but just in time I think!
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

    • hi col, wow 300,000! this is so inspiring and encouraging – your blog gives me massive hope and i always feel inspired when i look at your pics and read your words. have a beautiful weekend much love x
      Thanks Margy.
      Have a lovely weekend too
      Bless you

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