As the Bees Die…Our Role in Heaven or Hell

Bees at Bealtaine CottageKeeping Bees and making honey turned into Keeping Bees and making money…on a vast commercial scale, with hundreds of hives being transported all over the world, to ensure pollination of vast stretches of monoculture crops.

Roses at Bealtaine CottageThere is an Orwellian feel to this scenario.

Something feels so very wrong about this.

Alarm bells should have been triggered at this point, about 20 years ago…monoculture madness would end up consuming all that is sacred about our Earth.

Redcurrants at Bealtaine CottageTrusting our food security to corporations and governments has led us all to the edge of the abyss.

This is particularly highlighted with the recent, disgraceful episode of horse-meat found in the Beef supply chain all across Europe.

Wren in a basket at Bealtaine Cottage 012

(Can you see the little Wren in the hanging basket?)

The incessant greed for higher profits and the complicity of government departments in this money-making racket resonates with previous scandals.

Barn at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens

We had regulators in place for the banking system…scandal!

Hen House at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens

We had regulators in place for the church…scandal!

Herbs in tyres at Bealtaine Cottage

We had regulations in place for politicians…scandal!

Celtic Cross at Bealtaine Cottage

Yet, all the time, the people we should have trusted, we ignored…ourselves!

Euphorbia in the front garden

We CAN do something to help ameliorate this disaster happening before our very eyes.

seedlings in pots in the permaculture gardens

There are a few simple steps we can take, starting this very weekend, the first weekend in March!

Valerian at Bealtaine Cottage May 2012 011The first is fun…sow flower seeds, flowers for the bees.

Columbine at Bealtaine Cottage Everyone can do this and be aware that as you make your environment a more beautiful place, so too, the world becomes a happier place for the bees.

Strawberries at Bealtaine CottageThe other action you can take, starting immediately, is to buy locally produced, seasonal, fresh food, not of the monoculture produced variety!

Look at it this way…Every cent or penny you spend is an investment in the world you want to see.

Home made Blackcurrant Chutney permaculture cottage 001

Local food is quality food with no air miles or massive profit included!

Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage

Be the change you want to see…

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  1. I am just catching up once again with your blog after being away for a while; so I know this post is old, but I just had to say that you have summarised in this post EXACTLY how I feel!! I am British but have been living in the USA for the past two years and this has opened my eyes to the extremes of corporate greed and the devastating effect of big agriculture and big business – on animals, people and the environment! I am coming home to England soon – as a (new) vegan and a keen activist – I look forward to practising permaculture in my own garden and I shall keep reading your blog for inspiration!

    • I think that many people are opening their eyes anew to the world around them and are eager to change and stop the rot being perpetrated by big gov, pharma and corps. This is the Awakening as we are coming to understand it. I am hopeful and remain optimistic! Blessings on your journey and happy to hear you are returning with a bigger view of the world, for this is what we all need.
      Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  2. Lovely blog! I dont make money from my bees! I give them a home in my London gardens and on our family farm in Scotland! Ive been hooked on your blog since Yuletide! It cheered me up no end! Best wishes to you!.
    Such a lovely way to approach life…compassion for Nature and all her family. I used to live in Muswell Hill and often walked Highgate’s narrow and historic streets, falling in love with the beautiful architecture and spectacular views. Samuel Taylor Coleridge once lived there I think. The Romantic poets have played an important role in my life and I feel, brought me to where I am now, both in my living and the way I see the world. I touched base with Mother Nature in Highgate Woods and the Heath. Highgate Cemetery inspired the Goth in me…ah…lovely memories!
    Thank you for reminding me!
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  3. So true we are finally waking up! If you want to feel better about the human race watch Hope in a Changing Climate or Greening the Desert they are on you tube and they show people in permaculture and not regreening vast areas of deforested desert. A spark of light in a dark future. I believe there is hope and if we all do our part we can turn this great big boat around in time! Thank you Collette for keeping us on task. Micki

  4. Beautiful beautiful images, especially of the wren and her eggs (my favourite bird).

    I will be sowing for the bees this weekend 🙂

    Blessings x

  5. beautiful words as always and they resonate so deeply – how did it come to this? i feel so despondent that there are just not sufficient people who have the earths best interest at heart and nothing will really change until we do end up in the abyss. i know this sounds so negative but whilst money is the primary power things will not change. sometimes i just want to stay in my own little world doing what i can but knowing it will never be enough. your photographs are so lovely, i love the little nest – i have been working at home this morning with the back door open and its a lovely mild day – the birds are singing their little hearts out – it lifts my spirits. hope its a lovely day for you colette 🙂 x
    We must be strong and resolute in protecting, in any small, minuscule way, Mother Nature. My attitude on this 3 acres of Ireland is, “You will not pass. Bealtaine Cottage is a sanctuary for the Divine Creator. You will not pass!” Maybe that’s why it flourishes.
    Blessings from all life at Bealtaine Cottage

  6. Lovely post, as always. Thought provoking stuff for those who are disconnected from nature and their food supply. Keep up the great work!
    Just a way of reminding everyone that they hold the power over their own destiny and the future of life as we know it!
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

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