An Act of Defiance from the Edge of Empire!

Box for the birds and the beesIt seems as though governments all over the western world are colluding with big corporations and the energy companies to deliberately destroy our environments, and, in the face of much opposition from those who elected them into power…the people.

garlic harvest at bealtaine cottage permacultureI have yet to meet the person who supports

war, fracking, privatisation of utilities, or GMOs.

Yet, politicians have, and are, engaged in the pursuit of all of these.

growing seeds at BealtaineAs we approach a global food crisis- and all the warning signs are there, such as rising food prices, oil and the effects of extreme weather- we are in desperate need of leadership.

herb gardens at bealtaine cottageLeadership is absent.

bees and peas at bealtaine cottageRhetoric is everywhere.

weed suppressing with cardboardWe are being force-fed a diet of ‘GMOs are all that can save us,’  publicity, when patently this is not true!

potager beds and peach trees at bealtaine cottageThe less choice in seed diversity, the more prone we are to potential famine.

rocket stove in the permaculture gardenI know that as a grower, working 3 acres of poor land…that it is diversity that builds fertility and food security!

Bench in the garden at Bealtaine CottageWhat are we to do?

Abundance from Mother  NatureAct as defiantly in the face of bullish nonsense and stupid politicians as one can.

bird and bee house at bealtaine cottageHow?

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottagePlant!

Evening Primrose seed germinating at Bealtaine CottageLiving near the western seaboard of the Atlantic Ocean, I live on the edge of empire.

cottage on a slate and painted stones at Bealtaine CottageI refuse to allow the insanity of empire to bellow it’s anarchic way into my home…I have no television.

I plant.

I grow.

I live frugally.

Euphorbia in a barrelIf I lived in the middle of a city I would keep the same philosophy.

Broad Beans at Bealtaine CottageBe defiant: buy less; plant more; save seeds and share! It’s your future…don’t let the politicians mess it up!

Missy Cat at Bealtaine CottageThis is a video I watched earlier and a fantastic template for those without gardens or allotments…or even with!

The Green Backyard
This is the story of a once neglected urban wasteland in Peterborough, recently transformed into a much-loved community resource by a crew of eager volunteer…

If you would like to support the work of the Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture website, Youtube (ad-free) videos and Compassion for Mother Earth Gardens project, please feel free to…


  1. And if you have a TV-GET RID OF IT! I have not had a TV since 2000, and that helps me to focus on important things. We can still watch important U-Tube documentaries, etc on the computer. I am “old school” with only a desk top computer connected by wires. But I can access what I need to and eliminate all the crap that everyone seems to watch on TV. That is another way they are keeping us down! When we are all caught up in the latest superficial stuff we DON’T think much about FOOD, AIR, WATER quality etc!

  2. …….and I forgot, Plantain is good for nettle stings. I had good opportunity to try it out as there were nettles growing with the Plantain. It did take a few minutes for the stinging to go away completely, but it worked well and far better than docks. That’s interesting about the Hay Fever Colette, would you make an infusion for that?

  3. The YouTube video was enlightening , but I wish they didn’t put leaves on the fire, instead of the compost.
    I walked up the lane the other day and picked two bags of ribwort and broad leaved Plantain. They have been bagged and frozen, so that I can make Plaintain oitment when and as it is needed. I made some earlier in the year and people have said how good it was for cuts, grazes and insect bites. One of my daughters works with someone with psoriasis. He said it was very soothing and asked me take make him some, hence my trip up the lane. Isn’t it good when you can help someone, using mother natures bounty.

    Someone else who had used some ointment wanted to know what Plantain was. We walked a few feet and I pointed a plant out to her. But it’s just a weed, she said. It’s a native plant, I said. We will need our native plants one day, I just hope they will still be there.

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