War, Fracking, Oil and GMOs…ALL Connected!

Feb 2012 Permaculture @ Bealtaine Cottage 024The connection between all of the above is…corporations!

Feb 2012 Permaculture @ Bealtaine Cottage 001Corporate control of the world is very much in place.

Feb 2012 Permaculture @ Bealtaine Cottage 004Our governments have sold us out to the corporate machine.

Imbolc 2012 Bealtaine Cottage 028Here in Ireland, what happened in the sell-out was very dramatic and actually happened in ONE night, in November 2008, when our elected government signed over the sovereignty of the Irish people in a meeting that took place in the middle of the night with NO minutes recorded!

Bealtaine Cottage March 2012I could add into the title of this blog: banks; politicians;factory farming; monoculture; media…you can too!

Bealtaine Cottage Feb 2012 Permaculture Bog GardenIt still boils down to the same fact…it is all connected and quite deliberate!

cropped-november-2011-018.jpgIt’s about control, money, power, greed and to hell with humanity!

Bealtaine Cottage December 2011 007And that is the sad fact…we are pushing our own hand-cart to hell!

November 2011 018Banks, oil and arms!

November 2011 116It’s time to clock out of this madness, resign, sign out!

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Feb 2011 005There is a better way…work it out and get on board…



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  1. Im hoping that the corporations are flexing their muscles even more now, trying desperately to keep the people in their control, is just that, a show of desperation on their part and that they are on their way out! We do have numbers on our side so the more people who uncover their lies the better!

  2. I agree with all the comments. The more we know about these greedy companies the better. People are being hoodwinked by commericals and fancy magazines who ply their wares and make people think they are helping clean up the world. Lets all make a difference and spread the word about permaculture and recycling..
    Blessings to you Colette

  3. I think about this everyday and pray everyday, what can I do? I suppose the most important thing is to keep my head out of the sand. Dissociation (the ostrich thing) is disasterous to mankind. We learn this from what happened during the holocaust, which alas never really ended… Aren’t similar horrors continuing? aren’t children still being extinguished and brutalised in this world at an alarming rate? And yes, there are the horrors of factory farming too…
    I have often surprised myself when I have given something up or done something a different way because my conscience has told me to, by first thinking I would miss something or or be inconvenienced in some way but then finding I don’t miss whatever it was in the slightest, I am better off, happier, healthier, without it and rather than being inconvenienced I have gained something of great value, a new skill perhaps.

    You have an amazing voice Colette! Stunning really, I hope your words will reach many.

    Thank you so much.



    • I believe there are many of us who “feel” the same way about these issues and especially the connectedness of the destructive powers. This much I know, as Arundhati Roy has already said, we are many and they are few…that gives us more than a fighting chance of improving our society and stopping the destruction!
      Blessings, as always, to you Cicely X

  4. Comment wouldn’t post.

    “One could look at a smattering of permaculture homes, people living in tune with the seasons, scattered around the world, … As a “seed bank.” Propagules of a good tree, the reservoir of culture… Just like the seeds in any good soil.”

    Cheers, Mark

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