Angels 020

Embracing one’s journey means being ready for change. 022

To be ready, one has to be open and receptive.

This morning I searched for an explanation of what I experienced in my dreams; the kind of dreams that seem real, so real you get confused, almost trapped between two realms; that of sleep and wake. 023

Before going to bed, I went through the usual ritual of walking Jack around and under the trees near the cottage.

The moon was full and very bright…it had risen late. 032

The night was still and the moon was rising in a cloudless sky.

sustainable living at 024

The West of Ireland enjoys many nights of star-filled skies and amazing moons, but last night there was a strange feeling in the air…something akin to an ethereal experience.

sustainable living at 019

My rational mind simply couldn’t engage with it; I couldn’t explain what I was feeling.

I must have fallen asleep quite quickly after going to bed, for the dreams I experienced seemed to go on and on.

Permaculture Gardens at 029

My dreams were filled with angels, small moth-like beings that were also fairies, yet I knew there were angels.


Isn’t it a strange experience to have rational thoughts in a dream and “know,” what things are about? 021

As I walked through what appeared to be the world, the angels flew around and around like butterflies, whispering to me and making me smile.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 017

I don’t know what they said, but the whispers were happy and reassuring in their tones. 039

Recently, like many of you, I have felt anxious and disturbed to see what humanity has done; atrocities committed and the blood of innocent children spilled so casually.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 008

The threat of war prevails.

Weather has become violent and unpredictable.

All around, this violence pollutes the Earth and humankind.

We stand near a precipice and dare not acknowledge it!

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of 002

However, upon waking, all my anxieties had disappeared…I felt renewed! 040

I have felt for a very long time, indeed for the past ten years, that the Earth is trying to communicate with us.


Mother Earth is desperate for us to live in peace with her, rather than against her!

Living in the simple way I do has allowed me time and space to consider her. 044

There are no distractions at Bealtaine Cottage, no TV, radio or harsh intrusions, yet still I sense the formidable force of what lies beyond the gardens…it is dark indeed! 049

There is a mighty transition taking place and those who would destroy are on a final rampage across our Sacred Earth.

permaculture at 024

In the midst of all this darkness, I believe there are forces of light, unseen at most times, but gathering and sharing strength. 053

Yes, we are living in a time of Apocalypse, but please, remember what the true meaning of the word really is…’lifting of the veil.’

Take heart…we are not alone. 006
The word,“apocalypse” comes from Ancient Greek and pre-dates the Bible.
To source the word one has to look to writings from that period.
It is there.
Kaluptein=to cover
Apokalupsis, from ancient Greek, to modern Greek then into Old French/Latin=Apocalypse.
The original meaning is lost in translation, though it is relevant to point out that the word is found in the Book of Revelation. Revelation coming from “reveal” or uncover!
Does make one think, does it not?

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  1. I had to read this twice. It moved me. I know there will always be contrast. Good and bad, dark and light, rain and sun. It’s a requirement for life to continue to exist. I think the veil will be lifted as each is ready as well as end times. The end comes to each of us and to ideas in the proper time. I trust in the plan and that the good will continue to outstrip the bad. I believe in
    Angels as I have seen them and heard them. Odd, I know. We are being watched and cared for at every moment. I’m glad they put some peace in your heart that night. I have to look away when I hear and see all the bad. I know it’s part of the plan. I don’t have to understand it, just trust it. Your light in the world shines brighter than any shadow that tries to fall around you.

    Your photos make me want to feel and breathe the land and the space you exist in. You’ve made quite a sanctuary there. I’m going to do my best to create one here. I’m enthralled with the first flower photo. Do you know the name of it? It looks like lace or snow. I doubt that a lot of what you have there will grow here as our heat is burning everything. Will they catch on in time?? I think the changes have already been visited on us. We made history this year with the amount and intensity of heat. I pray for rain and snow. Wishing you more of the Good Life.

    • The flower in the first pic is actually a weed…not that I believe in weeds as all plants have a place in the scheme of things…it’s only us humans that keep tipping up the plan! We are silly really! i believe it to be so very important that we find joy in the world around us, even in drought and heat there are plants and creatures that are to be welcomed and appreciated. Joy is the greatest form of prayer…and laughter! XXX Blessings

  2. Thank you Collette for sharing your piece of heaven on earth. My butcher over here in the S.F. bay area is from Northern Ireland and sounds like Liam Neeson, lovely accent. It was a powerful full moon indeed, dreamt I was flying in a plane with the Australian permaculturist Geoff Lawton while he was surveying the land below. Just today, I decided to look up the word apocalypse in the dictionary (the destruction of evil forces), yeah brought to you by Disney. I was wondering where your definition comes from, as it feels truer to me. So nice to see your beautiful face!

    • The “apocalypse” comes from Ancient Greek and pre-dates the Bible. To source the word one has to look to writings from that period. It is there. using a search engine will take you on a journey through a lot of mire but you’ll get there. Apo=un Kaluptein=to cover, Apokaluptein=uncover Apokalupsis from ancient Greek to modern Greek then into Old French/Latin=Apocalypse.
      Blessings X

  3. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    In a world bursting with uncertainty, Colette takes us on a thoughtful stroll through the grounding beauty of nature…stop what you’re doing, come along and enjoy a few minutes of healing respite…

  4. I wonder why it is that when someone speaks out about injustice they are labeled as pro this and anti that. They are condemned by main stream media and the powers that be as having an agenda. When they simply want the killing of innocent people to stop!!
    There is not one “ethnic group” on this Earth that has not experienced genocide. I would have thought the human race would have learned by now that killing anyone for not being the same as them is abhorrent. I don’t know what it is about our nature that countries, religions, organizations and individuals can’t abide diversity.
    When I was a child I remember leaving California and entering Oregon, and I was confused to find there was not an actual line on the ground dividing the states. Maps and globes show these lines. They are imaginary!!! We made them up!! Countries have fought, killed, and enslaved others that were “different” from them because of these lines.
    In the life of the Earth, humans have been here for an infinitesimal amount of time. The Earth has shown us that without diversity there is no chance to thrive or even live. Yet the people in power fight against this constantly.
    These same powers in their arrogance have plundered the Earth on a massive scale. Finally the bully has picked on someone so much more powerful than them. In the life of the Earth, humans have been here for an infinitesimal amount of time. My consolation is that the Earth can thrive and continue very well without us. It is up to us if we learn in time or not.

    • I do hope so, Sharleen. The mindset of man is that of arrogance and ownership. I am reading Marija Gimbutas at the moment, whose archaeological skills led her to explore history in a time before war…amazing and intoxicating to even imagine this. She referred to this pre-patriarchal world as the World of the Goddess. I unashamedly follow her path…though cannot and will not be defined into any religion or cult…Mother Earth needs neither!
      Blessings XXX

  5. In response to airmid 3, I don’ think it is appropriate to stop trading with Israel. They are in a dreadful situation too. It isn’t Israel that breaks every ceasefire. All the time Hamas can see the sympathy they are getting from the West, the more they will continue and the more of their own people will die.

    • Totally agree with this Polly, it takes two to tango and there’s a LOT of propaganda involved here. I wish the whole world would just copy Colette and get on with their lives in peace and calm.

    • Let the facts speak for themselves, including maps of the encroachment; deaths; destruction; refusal to comply with UN agreements on so many issues; illegal settlements…and on!
      Blessings X

  6. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Another beautiful and profound post by Colette! A must read for anyone upset by scary, horrific and depressing things occurring in our world. It is important not to ignore these things, as we do need to address them, but we can do so through spiritual means and through connecting with our Mother Earth. Beautiful images, words and soul ….

  7. I often have those dreams, between sleep and awakening, and more often in times of stress. What a wonderful experience you had last night, to wake up feeling renewed is a wonderful gift. And what a powerful moon we are encountering at the moment, takes your breath away. You are indeed on your true path. Blessings x

  8. Thank you Colette for sharing t
    hat very special message you were given…..I look forward to, and savour your posts, keep them coming…..please, and also,keep up the wonderful work inspiring us all in so many ways!! Xxx

  9. Dear Colette, thanks for sharing this particular experience with us. I have had a couple of similar journeys or dreams and they puzzled me because of all the evidence of destruction all around us and I contemplated that perhaps it was my own wishful thinking. I believe though that I was fortunate to be shown that there is a growing light and I think the more of us know this the less fear and panic there will be. I have recently liked a FB page – Light of Support for the people of Gaza and it is so heartening to see so many comments and so many people holding vigils and avoiding the purchase of anything made in Israel. I don’t think it will be too long before the ordinary people of this world will ALL say enough is enough and then the minority that seeks to control and destroy will be forced to give up. It is so wonderful to know that the forces of light – angels, fairies, goddesses and other divine beings are with us and are ready to protect us, we only have to ask. x

    • I agree…we can push back the forces of darkness with small actions, for we are so many! This is the Age of Aquarius and we are in transition, so that can be awesome and frightening at times. The forces of good energy are with us!
      Blessings and thanks for the link XXX

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