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In a world that appears to be coming apart at the seams, we are reminded, on a daily basis, by the mainstream media, that we are separate and divided on many levels.

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There are many aspects of our lives where we disagree.

I know how that works, for I was born and raised in a place of separation…Northern Ireland.

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As I grew, left home, went to university and raised a family in London, I became aware of the importance of common ground.

London is a melting pot of over twelve million people, where the essence of living harmoniously is to be found in common ground. 006

I held an allotment for many years, a place where cultures met with great affection shared for what was beneath our very feet…common ground.

It served us well as we grew food, shared seed, advice and barbecues!

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I continue to share common ground with my ex-husband, for we each agree that our common ground is compassion for animals, the Earth and love of our children.

10 July 2014 010

As a species, we have much in common with each other.

When a community comes together it can be an awesome sight, especially when fuelled by compassion!

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Here we are in the midst of troubled times where much is threatened, yet I see people coming together as never before.

People with real concerns for Mother Earth, their communities, resources and much more.

28 June 2014 004

There will always be those we feel apart from, angry with and despairing of, for that is the human struggle.

It is the small, unsung bits of humanity that bind us together…kindness and compassion.


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  1. Beautiful sentiments and words of wisdom. It’s so nice to read the words that I say inwardly nearly every day. 🙂

  2. You have my deepest respect ! If my heart could smile, i’m sure it did so when i read what you wrote. 🙂
    Thank you for your work with sharing your knowlegde, picture from your fantastic home&garden and your contribution on social media, with some very important issues.( and all the work that comes with it.)
    A great hug from me,and my cats

  3. A lovely blog as always. I am in a similar situation in relation to family life, even though my ex and I are apart for many years, there are so many ties that link us together and always will, respect,love of our 4 sons and a love for our earth are our common ground.

    On another note, there was a lovely little magazine called Common Ground which dealt with smallholding / selfsufficiency issues…….whatever became of it .I subscribed to it for a few years, I think in the early eighties it was published in Roscommon and was known as The North West Newsletter in its early days.

    • You’re right, there was and I’d love to read some of them, or all of them would be even better! I have no idea where it went! Perhaps one of my subscribers knows?
      Blessings X

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