Move to Higher Ground 005

We are facing a multitude of crises at this time. 003

War, austerity, climate change, environmental disaster…the list goes on. 006

Each month seems to bring a stronger cumulative effect in how we are perceiving the world around us…many feel threatened and some even feel doomed. 008

It has been quite some time now since the cost of petrol at the pump has dropped, in fact the opposite has happened, as the cost has climbed steadily, week on week. 009

This tells us, in no uncertain terms, that we have reached Peak oil and there will never again be affordable car travel for the masses. 010

This is difficult to take on board, as we see more and more new cars on the road, but that too should sound the warning bells, for it means that the reality of the problem is not being faced up to!

Even governments are pushing car sales with various trade-in offers every so often! 011

Reaching Peak oil has serious knock-on effects for us all.

Everything we buy is predicated on oil in some way or another, some direct, most indirectly. 012

Most food production is reliant upon oil and artificial fertilizers.

Our lives are based upon consumptive behaviour.

Our society has been degraded by our inherent need for more! 014

Considering the implementation of serious lifestyle changes will be the only beneficial way of getting to higher ground to face the storms ahead.

Higher ground in terms of sustainable living and building community. 016

If there is madness, mayhem and destruction in the world, we have to own it before we can begin to bring change. 026

The best, most enduring change happens slowly, building upon small changes. 002

 I urge each and every one of you to consider small changes you can implement in your lives, homes, community, workplace…just wherever one can do it, get on and do it! 019

Waiting for our governments to act is really a waste of time…they are trapped in the paradigm of economic growth on a finite planet! 020

Please, empower yourself and others to begin the shift to a world where we are not killing and warring for what little resources remain! 021

Our earth is abundant and capable of working with us in an interactive, not extractive, way. 022

The future belongs to the children whose faces we will never see…keep them in mind in all we do!


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  1. It can be hard to make sense of this complex world. The answer is to make things simpler. Grow food, buy local food. Walk, cycle, use the bus and train. Throw out the tv and newspapers. Get to know your neighbours. Join some kind of social group (there are thousands out there). Insulate your home. Get out of debt. Enjoy silence. Make music. Read, educate yourself. Ramble. Savour every mouthful of food for as long as possible. Make and repair things. Swim. Sing. Get a dog. Eschew aeroplanes. Holiday at home. Bake. Give food to friends. Party. Listen for wildlife. Encourage wildlife. Ignore adverts. Brew wine. Eat in restaurants that have peaceful background music and space and time to chat. Expect less.

  2. So true, Colette. I often wonder how big business ( and I include government) can make the decisions it does. Do they not consider the future of THEIR children? As you say, each of us must make our own changes. Actions speak louder than words.

  3. Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

  4. Beautiful Colette, today when I was shopping in Aldi I stopped at looked at all the faces and wondered what people were thinking. I know what I was thinking and that was that I really did not want to be there. Trying to exit the car park with traffic whizzing by I wished I was miles away in the stillness of a country lane away from the madding crowds. Working on it!

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