Co-Creating With Nature

Permaculture Gardens at 001

Being brought up, as a child in a terraced house without a garden, I have often wondered where my passion for Mother Earth, growing, gardening and the environment emerged from.

I’m still thinking about that!

What I wanted to share with you today encompasses an afternoon’s work here at Bealtaine Cottage.

Permaculture Gardens at 002

Well, this afternoon I opened up a completely new path through the trees and shrubs planted over the years, into a beautiful world created by Mother Earth and nurtured by me through many seasons.

Permaculture Gardens at 004

Today, the inner voice I share with her drew me down into the Fairy Wood, slowly cutting a path into a very special part of this land.

Permaculture Gardens at 005

She has been left alone, protected by brambles and branches to create something very beautiful and exquisite.

The tree is an old ash which had been coppiced.

When a tree is coppiced, not only does one get a massive amount of wood for the stove, but the tree sends up multiple shoots, which in turn become trees, like this.

Permaculture Gardens at 007

The stones around the base are now deep in moss.

Permaculture Gardens at 009

Primroses and Ferns have naturalized in the woodland earth.

Permaculture Gardens at 017

Lords and Ladies adorn the base of the tree in red jewels.

Permaculture Gardens at 029

I just had to share this amazing little path with you.

Permaculture Gardens at 037

Mother nature is just amazing and re-generative!

Permaculture Gardens at 043

Ten years from rushy, monoculture field to magical, permaculture woodland! 


  1. The images are just magical I wish I could transport myself there away from all of the painting I am doing in the house at the moment. I love the comments above it seems we all have the same dreams I hope too to get my own little piece of eden.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Collette, Ii look forward to your daily posts, always lifts my spirit, you are a true gift to Mother Earth. Blessings

  3. Another wonderful post, Collette! I watched the video posted by Prydein and loved it! I even ordered one of his books to read this winter when things slow down in my life.

    Speaking to those readers who posted about their ages and difficulties, I was in much the same boat until 2 months ago when suddenly everything changed all at once! Within a couple of weeks I found the little house on a piece of land that just spoke to me and I sold my previous home for a reasonable price! The Universe does, indeed, work in her own sweet time! One trick that I firmly believe helped me was given to me by a friend. He said to make up a business card-sized card that states, as concisely as possible, just what you are looking for in your life. Carry it with you at all times in your wallet and look at it from time to time to keep the wish front and centre in your mind. It took me about four years for it to work, but work it did!

    Don’t give up!! When the time is right, it will happen!

    • Wise words Trilliam and good advice! Never give up! Ten years ago I was in much the same place, but opened pathways to allow energy to flow…and haver continued to do that here at Bealtaine.
      Blessings X

  4. This video found me today and now it finds you…the chaps doing the talking are inspirational and echo the last few posts you’d created Collette…

  5. All of this is so beautiful! I am 65, low income, alone, and in poor health. But I SO much want to do something like this! I am sending out a prayer/plea, to the Universe, that I may be able to sell my home in the city, buy some rural land and accomplish even one tenth of what you have done!

    • Dawna, just had to reply to you; I’m 3 years older, low income, too. For now am the support of my Mum, 91.5 and my Aunty, 94.5. When they are gone, it’s my dream to do something like this, too. I’d be happy to find a piece of land that’s been abused or used up and work to restore at least part of it. I’m lucky to still have my health, although I need to be more careful now so I don’t lose it. I will add my prayers to yours that your house sells easily and well, and that you find exactly the right place for you. I think your health is most likely to improve once you have a creative purpose in life as well as a garden for your own food. We need more people working at healing small bits of the earth; together we can make a huge difference! And it’s a great calling for those of us reaching or past retirement, too. I wish you all the best with this. ~ Linne

  6. i was told of your cottage by Saskia, an internet friend,,,yesterday. She’s in the Netherlands, i am in New Mexico, US. It is so different and exploring your World is
    just WonderFULL. Thank you very much, grace

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