Irish Country Magazine

September 2014 038

With the sun shining bright in the sky and just a touch of autumn in the air, I spent some lovely time being interviewed for Irish Country Magazine.

The interest in sustainable living is growing!

I’ll let you know when the interview is published.

September 2014 040

There is something of an Indian Summer happening here in the west of Ireland and it’s pretty gorgeous too!

Grapes are beginning to turn colour and ripen on the vine.

September 2014 043

The early morning walk was tempered with a small chill in the air.

September 2014 005

Yesterday was spent cutting the overgrowth in the undergrowth along the hedge on the west side of the driveway.

I am cutting all the Goat Willow, which will grow very fast next year and fill the gaps.

September 2014 006

In the meantime, there are stacks of wood every couple of metres along the hedge!

September 2014 033

It promises to be a good week, filled with sunshine and warmth…our promised “Indian Summer!”

September 2014 047

I shall leave the seed-heads on the Buddleia for the small birds to enjoy eating over the first few months of Autumn…time enough in cutting them back!

September 2014 048

Something of the Mediterranean about the cottage this morning, as the day warmed up…

September 2014 049

It’s not often that the sky is as blue as the watering can, but…

September 2014 050

The bees continue to enjoy Nasturtiums flowers…

September 2014 053

As the leaves hold onto the precious morning dew.


  1. Grand news to know that you will be featured in Irish Country magazine. In 2007, we visited Ireland, spending most of our time in County Wicklow. I am from the United States, live in New Mexico, high desert country. A friend directed me here and I am so glad that she did.

    In 2002, my husband and I sold our home and business in California and began an 11 year journey, renting and living in many places in the US: Maui, Washington, Texas, Tennessee and now finally landing in New Mexico where we will stay put. In each place, the criteria was not for a big house but a bit of land so we could garden. Giving to the land, getting from the land, it all is part of the cycle of seasons and life. We were fortunate to find a place with an established grape arbor and corn growing. We’ve added to that by growing peppers, squash, tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, oregano, rosemary, Swiss chard plus random wildflowers and sunflowers for their beauty as they sway in the wind and for the birds to enjoy. I am a dyer of cloth using local vegetation and windfall. Nothing is wasted as all scraps return to the land via our compost piles.

    This past weekend we picked grapes and are drying them to make raisins. This morning, more grape picking for a bit of wine making. If only a few bottles, it will be good to drink to this place, this land that provides. Does not matter how small a patch of land one has, what matters is what one does with it. Inspiration comes from many places and finding your blog, photos and especially words is to find giving, resourceful, informative, encouraging “conversation”. Slainte and many thanks for all that you share.

  2. Wow, your grapevine has really taken off, are they to make wine, we are having wonderful weather too on the east coast of Yorkshire I love this time of year definitely one of my favourite seasons. Look forward to hearing how the interview went.

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