Winter Work in the Permaculture Gardens


Saturday morning at Bealtaine Cottage and the cold winter has set in…

dsc05049The Goddess Gardens are in the midst of an early winter tidy-up.

dsc05048This is a way of preparing the earth for the Spring to follow, and, it’s not that far away either.

dsc05032_li As we descend towards Midwinter, those involved in caring for the land are all too aware of the time available to prepare for Spring…and that comes in early here in the west of Ireland, with Imbolc on the first day of February!

dsc05046Due to the good Autumn we’ve had, the Winter seems shorter, indeed not all the trees have shed their leaves!

dsc05047Work in the new Lughnasadh Garden continues, as I move many of the perennial flowers from the Potager Beds, near the back of the cottage, over to the new beds prepared for them.

dsc05045I dearly hope to have all the work completed before the Spring, so time outdoors is precious! Mahonia is in full bloom by the bench. This is still in a big pot, but will be planted out if I get the time…another job on the long list!

dsc05044The leaf fall this year has been tremendous and will add considerably to the building fertility here in the Goddess Gardens.

dsc05041From a barren land to abundant growth in twelve years…I continue to pinch myself!

dsc05039As I type, the sun shines in that ethereal way that only descent into Midwinter can do!

dsc05035_liThe smell of beans, toast and vegan bacon emanates from the kitchen…a hearty meal before I step out to work on the land.

dsc05040I will burn Bay Leaves in my incense pot this morning and the cottage will be infused with sweetness.

The Bay leaf is known to contain a substance called Linalool which helps to decrease anxiety in humans and create a calm atmosphere in the home.

dsc05042I make my own blend of home grown organic incense, using blends that either calm, invigorate or cleanse.




  1. Thanks so much for answering my request!! Can’t wait to try it!! As always, thanks so much for all you do!!

  2. I’ve been making my own incense too so it is nice to hear about an ingredient that I have an abundance of. Thanks Colette. xx

  3. Great tip re bay leaves thanks. I’m thinking that might be just what I (and many others) need as aftershocks from the 7.8 quake continue to rumble through. The earth quivered gently as I was reading your post, lol, as if Mother Nature was trying to emphasise the point that help is always available if we remain aware. I understand that the earth has to release built up stress as part of her self-balancing but my blood pressure still spikes each time. We are all receiving a collective lesson in dealing with acute stress at present. Given the scale of the release it is extraordinary beyond belief that only two lives were lost. We really dodged a bullet. Bring on the bay leaves.

  4. Collette, would you mind sharing how to burn bay leaves? I have an abundant supply and this sounds like an interesting concept! Thanks!

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