Observed by Consciousness

Reality only exists when it is observed…


These are images I photographed yesterday…what I observed here in the woodland gardens and food forest that is now Bealtaine Cottage.


Reality can only be observed by consciousness.


Is this why we are here?

IMG_6773Are we part of the consciousness of Mother Earth?

IMG_6771I believe we shape the beauty around us with both our physical selves and our conscious minds.

IMG_6769We often hear the statement, ‘seeing is believing.’

IMG_6768I say, believing is seeing.

IMG_6766Belief in the sentient being that is Mother Earth has formed a major part of the energy that has manifested here.


Not so long ago, the reality of this land was a different picture.

There are links at the top of this page where you can see what was…

IMG_6761IMG_6756IMG_6757IMG_6755From the very first time I saw this place I envisioned a cottage in the woods, surrounded by the music of Nature and the beauty of life.


And here it is.

Blessings X Colette

“A Cottage and Three Acres,” by Colette O’Neill

Please email Colette if you would like a particular inscription in your book. From a desolate cottage set in 3 acres of monoculture sadness, to a vibrant, thriving food forest of life…the journey back to Eden over 13 years… Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


In Search of The Goddess Rising

This is the second book in the Goddess Permaculture series from Colette O’Neill at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. In this book I explore the ancient landscape, mythology, literature and life around Bealtaine Cottage… in search of the Great Goddess. The price of the book includes all postage and packing to wherever you live in the world! Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


Magical Mythical Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens

Beautiful map created by the artist David Gascoigne, especially for Bealtaine Cottage. The picture shows one side of the map…it is printed on both sides, see the photos on this page. The price includes all Postage and Packing to wherever you live in the world! Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


Bealtaine Cottage Guide to the Deep Midwinter

A little Yuletide book filled with colour photographs, recipes, reflections, lore, poetry and mirth to guide you through the wonderful days ahead. Fifty pages of sheer delight from Bealtaine Cottage to you. The book is fully bound and can be posted direct as a gift. Price includes P&P worldwide. Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


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  1. Yes! Thirty five years ago I was laid up with spinal surgery and spent time asking my purpose. It came back loud and clear. “Your purpose is to see and appreciate beauty everywhere.” And so it is.

  2. Hi Collette,

    your photo’s make my heart sing with joy. Just breathtaking!!
    You might enjoy listening to physicist Tom Campbell on You tube. He has an interesting Theory of Everything. He asserts that life is a virtual reality created by an outside consciousness (the goddess/god/higher self) and that everything we see doesn’t exist until we observe it.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Colette, You have achieved so much in such a short time. I loved reading you books also. Our 13 acres was and is mostly forest. We just had to carve out a little space ourselves. One of the things about carving out a space, is as permaculture call it the importance of edges. Along our Forest edges are blackberries, raspberries and even a few Blueberries. We even have several elderberry trees. We share the berries with the wildlife that inhabit the area. Having such a natural setting has attracted so many wild visitors. This year is the first year I have seen Cardinals. The hummingbirds love the shrubs we have planted and have even taken to flying right in the front door to say hello! Besides our veggies and flowers, we have planted apples, cherries, and will soon be planting peaches and plums. There is nothing better than a meal from your own garden.. I so enjoy your postings, keep up your wonderful work.

  4. I’d never have believed that such restoration, beauty and abundance could come about in such a comparatively short space of time. Immensely comforting and inspiring to witness what is possible. A heartfelt thank you, Colette for sharing hope. X

  5. Beautiful , beautiful , photos and very true words . Thank you 🙏 Earth Angel 👼. Blessings to you all xxxx

  6. Hearing your calm voice, in awe of all you behold and, watching your videos/photographs – I am joyous. Feels like I have been waiting for this experience for many many moons. Thank you Colette 😊

  7. I agree Colette that “believing is seeing” – what we believe in is what we will manifest and thus, what we see. Lovely to see a blog post from you today. There is a saying that “…we (our consciousness) is Mother Earth waking up to herself”. I believe that Mother Earth is stirring from sleep and is seeing what has happened to her at the hands of man. If we want her to be happy we must do what you are doing- envisage and create beauty. We are doing it here, thanks to you and your help, slowly and surely.

  8. Beautiful work, beautiful life Colette. I have followed your blog for a long time, really admiring what you do. Just logged in from Sydney, NSW, saw your latest post – visiting my son ^ his wife, & their new baby. Hope to meet you someday when I get back to Ireland. Carmel Duffy

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