Garden to Visit in Ireland…Unique…Permaculture!

Yesterday was a busy day for me as I worked tirelessly in the gardens, cutting, clearing and ensuring all the paths are open for visitors.

I always carry my camera with me, so here are some of the shots I took on my walk around after I’d finished my work!

It was a hard day, but, as you can see, well worth it.

I continue today and will share pics later on!

Love and Blessings XXX Colette at Bealtaine Cottage


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  1. Hi Colette,
    Wow!!! We had the most amazing time on Wednesday, thank you so much, we were all a bit overwhelmed with everything, I guess that’s the reaction you get a lot of the time, at least on a first visit. My mind has been positively fizzing since, not with plans, though there is that, but with everything we saw.
    I had read the book chapters and looked at some of your posts and hundreds of your photos but I was totally blown away by the reality of your achievement. My sister had looked a some of your stuff, and my husband hadn’t seen any of it, but he’s had me blathering on about you and Bealtaine Cottage for months.I absolutely loved ALL of it, the amazing growth of trees, bushes and the sheer exuberance of nature running riot on a Ballyfermoyle hillside, and you right there setting it all in motion and continuing to make magic. Oh Colette, the sights and sounds and the feel of the place, the lushness is wonderful. I was afraid the day would be a bit of a washout as we drove through torrential rain on our way to you, but all that moisture was part of the feel of the place and tied in perfectly with setting the water free. Standing in your fairy circle looking across at the mountain as the sky cleared a bit and the clouds lifted up off the mountain, what a way to spend some wonderful hours. The best use of a Celtic Tiger mortgage in the recent history of womankind.
    Do you realise that you gave us the gift of over 4 hours of you time, thank you so much. Tea, lemon cake, thank you to your daughter for the cake, and not forgetting Jack, and you, the only word is MAGIC.
    I have just scrolled through your pictures on this post and am reminded, as if I need reminding, how wonderful it was to ramble through your trees in the intermittent rain, hearing the water babbling close by and the birds in the trees. Simply sitting and chatting and sharing a cup of tea under your canopy, and listening to the bees in the flowers, as the reality of the place started to grow on me was very moving.
    Thank you for a most memorable day,

  2. You have restored the ancient land of Ireland.. Its hard to believe that you have done this in 12 years.. there is a peace and a feeling of antiquity as you stroll through the winding paths . This impression is so strong through your photos… and can one only imagine how strong that feeling would be if I could actually visit your garden. Its as if this garden was always there, waiting to be manifested outwardly by the love and dedication of its guardian angel.. With that in mind, think of the possibilities of all of Ireland, if others would work with nature as you have.. the ancient forests of Ireland would be restored outwardly into the world again. Think of the possibilities of the entire world for that matter. Paradise is waiting to unfold.

    • I often think of the deep desire Mother Earth has to work with us in co-creation. If I had as much money as I had love for Mother Earth I would buy and plant all of Ireland and make this the Garden of Eden!

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