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“We’d incorporated Asia into our bones – its colours and laughter, its smells, its rhythms, its tolerance and patience, its compassion, its lack of ageism.”
~ Jane Wilson-Howarth

DSC00922DSC00921DSC00920DSC00915Colour is important to me, as you can see from both the cottage and the garden.

DSC00917DSC00916I am led to infuse it into my daily life, as in the tie-dyed sheet that hangs as a curtain on the old doorway.

DSC00914Sometimes it’s all too easy to go to the shops and buy what is deemed suitable for covering a doorway…usually a door!

DSC00912But, as always, a cottage can be very forgiving and accommodating to whatever furniture or resources one has.

DSC00905A cottage is never in competition with the big, new house down the road!

DSC00906It’s more of a “make do and mend” kind of home, where anything goes, be it period or modern, or just recycled, as is the case here at Bealtaine.

DSC00907As I snapped these photos this morning, my gaze was being continually led outside…and so it should be, for that connectivity is immensely important.

DSC00911I recall living in an old house in Muswell Hill in London and how I loved tending the window boxes beyond the old sash windows. DSC00909How just the simple act of pushing them up and the outside coming in provided a kind of release of energy both ways!

DSC00908The connectivity of life!


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  1. I’m glad to see this post again. It contains what may be my favorite tiny bit of your writing – possibly because I have felt it so acutely but never stopped to think about it. “How just the simple act of pushing them (sashes) up and the outside coming in provided a kind of release of energy both ways!” That release of energy is so true for me here where it is too cold for most of 5 months to do more than rush to close the door whether coming or going. But occasionally there’s a break when the first thing to do is open windows and let new energy rush in.It’s almost a physical feeling. And as the old energy is expelled the entire feel of the cabin shifts and lightens.
    Thank you.
    Blessings as we head toward Yule.

  2. How did I miss this brilliant post the first time around??? Very apt for the time of the year that is in it. I agree with SpancilHill about TV and adverts and i can never understand the mentality of people who boastfully wear clothes with logos on – not realising they are walking around as unpaid adverts!! Crazy.

    • As the global corporate mechanism grindingly converts every day into some kind of ‘because-you’re-worth-it day’ (those egregious ‘black Friday’ so-called ‘sales’ morphed into ‘black weekend’; it then seamlessly deceived people into thinking about Christmas), we should try our utmost to only spend money on necessities and make sure that money stays local, goes to people who need it. Support people who make or grow things locally, who live locally. Never spend money without questioning where it’s going. Never spend money without questioning whether you need to.

      It’s not easy – but it’s a mindset that you should be in control of yourself, not some faceless white male billionaire.

      (sorry about the above, but you can’t even listen to the news on the radio without being bombarded with loud adverts and it irritates the hell out of me. 8)) I’m grateful I’ve never had a tv; why do people pay for a tv licence and then passively accept being bombarded with adverts? Crazy.)

  3. a lovely cosy and comforting place, colourful, interesting paintings, mosaics, ‘objets d’art’. You surround yourself with colour, Colette, both inside and out and I’ve no doubt that your inner self is as colourful and comfortable. thankyou for sharing your cottage with us,

  4. I feel privileged to be invited into your lovely cottage to look around and I absolutely adore it. It’s the views from the windows that always draw the eye though. I agree about cottages – ours is quite small too.

  5. Your cottage is warm and comfy, makes you want to sit down and relax unlike a big house which looks like you’re just for passing thru, rushing.

  6. Thank you, your use of Color is an Inspiration. A
    wonderful way to create coherence. Simple. Thank you <3

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