As Evening Descends…

Towards the end of a perfect day at Bealtaine Cottage. The gardens are looking well tended as the evening descends. Strawberries have been potted up in hanging baskets and seedlings rescued from the gravel around the cottage and potted up. These will make fine plants for the Summer ahead! And…all the while…the birds sing!

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  1. I watched your video and listened to your birds as I sit on my porch at 6:30 pm in North Carolina USA. Just lovely! I have planted lettuces, arugula, peas and spinach so far…on a new property. I am creating all the gardens, as there were none when we moved here last fall. It feels like more work than before being that I am 64 this year. But it will keep me strong as I intend to create my mini Bealtaine. Many thanks for the inspiring glimpses of your paradise,

  2. Colette your video was just absolutely lovely! I felt like I had been transported to your cottage garden for the evening which was a wonderful moment after an extremely stressful weekend. Take care!

  3. I have also had a lovely day in the garden, just pottering and enjoying a day without wind and rain!!! Just wanted to let you know that our Ribes cuttings have all taken and one is actually flowering already, the others are all in bud. Great! We are delighted to see your videos back in action. They are such an inspiration and Lol loves listening to your lilting voice. xxx

    • I’m laughing thinking of Lol with his head tilted to one side resting on a hand dreamily listening to my voice…there’s a certain humour in that! Great news about the Ribes…I shall definitely feature Ribes cuttings on the site this Autumn!

  4. So beautiful in every way,and the birds happily singing away,I have been out in my garden all day finding and digging my veggie plot that’s not been used for two years (Shame on me) I sat listening to the birds at 7.30 this morning whilst having my porridge in the bit of sun that was starting to appear!Bliss,you have truly inspired me to get my act together!thank you Colette!

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    Feel like I’m there. I smiled at your birdsong reference Collette. I had noted lots of birdsong this morning when I was walking my dog Java. More than I remember hearing in a long time. I’m in Cottonwood, Arizona in the US. Maybe something is going on around the world that makes them sing more of their lovely songs ❤️

  6. What a lovely evening with all the birdsong, it feels so good when you have had a busy day in the garden then you sit back and look at what you have achieved. I call my garden my little paradise xxx

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