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The Healing Garden

She never did betray the heart that loved her…

Now it’s time to care for her…

Planting for Mother Earth like our lives depend on it…

They do…

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14 years of Goddess Permaculture at Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland...drop in, power up! Colette O'Neill is a writer, photographer and teacher who has devoted the past 14 years to turning 3 acres of derelict land into a woodland sanctuary for all life, planting over 1,100 trees in the process.

8 thoughts on “The Healing Garden

  1. Dear Colette,

    I just saw your video and was, in turn, in awe of the sheer amount of life I see ready to spring back into action at Bealtaine Cottage, then both surprised and moved by hearing my name mentioned. I still have teary eyes writing this. I just wanted to say thank you. You have done more good to me than you’ll ever know, and certainly more than I can ever give back to you. Hope in dark hours is not something you can put a price tag on. What you are doing and sharing so generously is a wonderful source of hope and joy for all your followers. It will never be recorded in any official statistic yet it is, for many I’m sure, just as important as a bunch of digits on a bank account statement.

    Once again I will follow your footsteps this afternoon, and go watch my bees getting busy fullfilling their destiny and preparing the garden to make it a better place for them and for me.

    Blessings as always, Simon


  2. Thank you for such a beautiful and touching video, yes we do owe Mother Earth so much, I’m just going out now to buy a young tree now, last week I planted a hawthorn hedge out the front of my garden which should be lovely in a year or two xx

  3. Hi Colette, Thank you also for all the wonderful videos. I share in Simon’s belief that you have done so much more good for me than I could ever do for you. Although I am still stuck in what some would call the “real world” with all it’s petty problems, I feel so blessed to be able to escape into the real real world through your blogs and videos. I believe you have great power in your words and pictures, you touch peoples lives more than you will ever know. I too was very surprised and moved when you mentioned my name also, I felt very honored to have my name spoken at Bealtaine.
    Thank you again, Sharleen

    1. Dear Sharleen, Your kind donations always seemed to arrive when I needed them most…the same as for Simon. In many ways, both of you, along with a few other good souls, have come through for me at just the right times…a blessed kind of serendipity and synchronicity…Bless you for caring XXX

  4. Lovely post Colette. I am just wondering about the rhubarb – what was it you potted up? Did you dig up a crown? Did you break the crown to make lots of little ones? I would love to know. Love to you all

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