First Flight…

DSC00414And here it is, the very first flight of the baby Bluetits!

As you can see, one of the parents is feeding the nestlings.

I was lucky to get this shot as the birds are so very fast!


This is the first one to put it’s head out of the box.


The parents will feed their young almost round the clock!

Blue Tits feed mostly on insects, especially caterpillars, and seeds.

Through this feeding, pattern the birds are of great assistance to the gardener in her attempt at natural pest control.DSC00413

And here we go…


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9 thoughts on “First Flight…

  1. How fantastic that you caught the moment! Thank you so much for sharing the magic with us. Those are some of the luckiest baby birds on the planet to be born into your perfect patch of our world. 🙂

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  2. Just imagine how many amazing fledgling events are happening every day throughout the paradise habitat of Beltaine Cottage. Wow….
    Miracles abound. New life springing into being. There will be a joyous noise! Thank you Colette!!!

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  3. Oh I watched holding my breath and found myself cheering and clapping when the little one finally took to flight, such a very very special moment to watch. Thanks for taking the time and patience to share such a wonderful moment 🙂 Jill

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  4. Hi Colette, im sitting in hospital awaiting my op and was delighted to see the baby birds first flight, thank you so much x


  5. It is so wonderful when we can watch the baby’s leave the nest, and lovely that mum and dad feel they have everything they need to bring up their family in our garden. I always feel great happiness at a time like this when I think that I have created a safe haven for them (Well as safe as I possibly can) Bless them and I hope they are all

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