Food in the Midwinter Garden


It’s surprising just how much food is growing in the gardens of Bealtaine at this time of year, the time of scarcity…but far from it! There’s the makings of a decent salad, with Fennel, Japanese salads like Mizuna and others as well as a lovely edible garnish in the form of Pansy flowers. In other […]

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Excavating the Past…

Easy to grow salads, almost ready to eat from the box! This mixture of seeds, mostly saved seeds, so the cost is minimal, has taken about 3 weeks to germinate and grow, outdoors. Coriander, Parsley, Lettuce, Spinach, Leeks, fennel and more, all jostle together. These will be cut and cut again for several harvests. Some […]

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Bealtaine Cottage and Permaculture Gardens Photo Album 2012…February!

Looking back at the year…February photographs February was mild and the Daffodils in the gardens of Bealtaine came up without damage Ribes bushes throughout the gardens filled the air with a heady scent, enticing the Bees out from hibernation. Mizuna flourished in the tunnel, providing a green salad for the table throughout the winter months. […]

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Sustainable Food: Easy Grow Vegetables and Fruit

seedlings in pots in the permaculture gardens

Some vegetables and fruit are so very easy to grow it seems ridiculous not to do so! 1. Chard. Simple to start from seed. Full of vitamins and minerals. Cut and come again…it just keeps giving! This Ruby Chard has grown in the tunnel and given successive crops since last summer! 2. Parsley. In this […]

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