1. Yep, recommend the lazy way too! For easy sieving -if that’s not too much work- use an old piece of chicken wire (gaps about inch and a half) big enough to cover wheelbarrow and a bit more. Attach 4 pieces of 2 by 2, or similar to make a frame. Place on wheelbarrow, pile up with some compost and sieve away! Wheel the super sieved compost to the required place and chuck the bigger stuff back on a heap to further rot. Someone showed me this trick the other day!

  2. We do the lazy compost method, always have. Heap it up, cover it, leave it, start another.

    We never ‘turn’ a heap, life’s too short and nature is happy to help out.

  3. Fabulous!!

    Now that you mention it, the best compost I’ve dug up since starting it years ago was in a similar pile. Thanks for posting…thinking of revisiting my composting methods.

  4. Hi, I am from Florida, in USA. I found your videos on you-tube this past summer and enjoy them so much. Bealtaine Cottage is a beautiful place. I look each day to see if you have posted more videos. Thanks for all.

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