Re-Setting My Life

IMG_9918The virtual world of social media appears to be taking over much of what people refer to as “life!”

IMG_9920I challenge this assertion, for having spent the past few years on the most virulent form of social media, FaceBook, I have concluded that much of what passes for interaction is little more than soapbox spouting, increasingly dictatorial shouting at others and re-posting stuff!

IMG_9919That is not to say that there are many friends there, but I have made the decision to walk away from it.

IMG_9921To this end I’m no longer posting on the FB platform.

However I have to keep the FB account open in order to keep all the vast amount of material already posted on Bealtaine Cottage and Woodland Sanctuary…closing my account would mean deleting all the material on there!

IMG_9915To elaborate on the above statement I must add that time management for me is a big concern these days, as I am continually trying to catch up with work in the gardens, writing, working around the cottage and somewhere, somewhere, trying desperately hard to have a life of my own in social terms…aspiring to that!

IMG_9914I hope you understand my choices…caught between a rock and a hard place really!

IMG_9911So, it’s back to basics, where it all began…the website here, Twitter (I keep this as a good source of up to date news!) and YouTube.

IMG_9909Bealtaine Cottage on YouTube…
For more daily inspiration and thousands more photographs: Twitter…
You can also enter your key search words into any search engine, followed by Bealtaine Cottage and lots of info will appear!
I am also discontinuing Instagram.
To keep up to date with Bealtaine Cottage please subscribe to the YouTube site and this website, where regular new material will be posted.
Blessings XXX


  1. It’s very interesting to be reading this post now and to see it was dated Oct 26th because the new moon in Scorpio the following week Nov 7th was quite intense, and about the renewal of our power/disempowerment among other things. This is what came up for me though, how social media was disempowering me. I felt the build up from the week before and was lead to disengage from all social media and even instant communication during this time. My laptop doesn’t work so that was out anyway but I deleted all social media apps from my phone and disconnected my SIM card for a whole week so I wasn’t even contactable, returning to pre- mobile phone times apart from having a mini computer in my pocket. It was a huge breath of fresh air I felt so alive and awake, grounded and present in the world, the real world! I didn’t realise how much I was filtering my experience of life through fb, such a narrow, neurotic viewpoint! I still used my phone as a mini-computer for web browsing, music, entertainment, creativity and email but found that so much of my time, energy, focus, presence and creativity was freed up to engage in things I actually wanted to. A stillness of mind returned. There is something very erratic about the energy of Facebook. I don’t miss it at all!!
    And thanks to feeling more creative and productive I came on here to WordPress to start a blog of my own and when I clicked on my wordpress feed found my subscription to your blog, finding my way back to the things I love. Also, having more time for sorting through my email inbox, which I would usually ignore feeling overwhelmed with lack of time to sort through it, not realising it was fb robbing me of that time, I found that all my interests were in there and saw through the illusion of thinking that I needed Facebook to keep track of all my interests…
    I think you are so right Collette, I’m into my second week off fb and I’m close to just closing it down altogether.

    Go you I think it’s an excellent choice, so many have chosen this already and I hope more and more do and we all come back to present reality. It’s widely known Silicon Valley engineers and the designers of these apps themselves don’t use them and won’t let their kids near them. They’ve been designed by the same people who design slot machines for casino’s – to be addictive, to keep you coming back for more…such a waste of time!

    Enjoy you’re time in your beautiful garden 🙌🏻💚🙌🏻

  2. When life gets to be too much, I go to You-tube and watch your videos. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing, and that it brings me peace to enjoy your hard work of creating an oasis of peace in this world. I am in the process of change. My tiny house is being built, and I hope to be able to find some property soon. Then I can begin the process too. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many of us!

  3. I too have closed my Facebook account. So much of my life lost there though. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and mild depression two weeks ago and Facebook was not helping. I watched your YouTube on your reasons and I agree, too many political, climate change and animal cruelty being shared. I know it exists but I don’t need to read about it over and over. I only shared my own life and garden and I wish people would do the same. Recipe after recipe or other such stuff. It became like a large shopping mall with people spruiking their wares.
    Wishing you well in your life Colette

  4. For a long time I’ve call it “Farceblock”. Now using a pseudonym and a tiny family mostly [Friends] list, I find that this suits me so I can keep in touch and not be too bonkers (something about a ship that sailed).

  5. I absolutely agree with you Colette, I am fed up with being emotionally manipulated so that I have no peace in my own home. Had a fb break and felt great, not going to do be doing it much at all and if I don’t miss it I am thinking of getting rid of it. My favourite way of catching up with you has always been youtube or your blog so I’m looking forward to continuing on these forums. Well done you!! xx

  6. I am a bit sad you are no longer on Facebook but completely understand why you have stopped. I found you through FB and will always be grateful for that but it does take up a lot of time unless you are disciplined about it.
    I hope you will find your extra time is liberating and that you are able to find peace and fulfilment therein. I will continue to follow here and on YouTube.
    Blessings always dear Colette xxx

  7. I will miss seeing your little posts on Instagram; yet, will continue to watch your videos on YouTube. I do understand your disenchantment with FB interactions. Brianne

  8. You are so generous with everything you share, that you absolutely don’t need to apologise for discontinuing social media. I too have found that especially over the past few months, there are so many ads and negative opinions flooding feeds that I rarely look at mine. I especially love your videos and books though as I think it is through those that we get a real sense of the wonder and magic of Bealtaine, and of course you, Jack and Sammy Bear. Huge blessings from Scotland xxx

  9. Good move – I’m only on FB because our local pages are marvellous for recycling/for sale items and what’s going on in the community. When you’re a gardener, you have to pare it all down and you already must spend an age uploading videos and writing on your blog. Our priorities become really clear as the years go by, don’t they? Technology is great as long as ‘we’ use ‘it’ and not the other way around 🙂 xx

    • I agree with you, Lotzacatz. I was a latecomer to social media, and when I signed up for FB a few years ago, I did so on my own terms. I use a pretend name, I don’t seek out many people I know in real life, I use a free ad-blocking service, and I follow only local businesses and uplifting accounts. Well, for the most part — there are a couple of like-minded souls who frequently post links to bleak stories about climate change and suchlike, but so far it’s felt important to stay informed (and to sign the occasional petition). If I find it’s too much, I can always tweak further to make FB the “newspaper” I want it to be.

  10. I walked away from FB when I discovered Bealtaine Cottage. Sorry to see you leave IG though. I know it is associated with FB but is the easy way to share my garden photos. Blessings on ye, Colette.

  11. I couldn’t agree with you more. FB is the most vacuous place I can imagine. It is useful though only as a sort of address book for all my family across the world. Aside from that I find it sickening and an unacceptable waste of time. Thanks though for keeping us connected through your blog and YouTube. Enjoy your actual reality! Blessings to you!

  12. A few weeks ago, I chose to skip social media (which is so depressing here in the US these days) at least for the 24-25 hours designated as the Jewish Sabbath. For that day, there is relief. It will be a greater relief after Nov. 6 not to be bombarded with the negative election ads from all sides (FB, TV, radio, etc.). Kathy Davenport near St. Louis, MO

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  13. What a perfect early birthday gift to yourself. I have never been on Facebook, and never will be. My life is richer for it. May yours be as well.
    Blessings from Wisconsin, US.

  14. Bravo! I applaud your decision! I gave up Facebook in 2009 – for reasons exactly which you state. It was a life sucker and I would rather look out the window at my forest than a screen. I am happy you are keeping the blog – I live vicariously through you.

    Blessings from the Canadian Prairies xo


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